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It's been a pretty emotional week. We've been preparing for my mother's memorial celebration for a while now, but now it's right around the corner and... it's looming large. We've been working on photos, music, etc., and I've been connecting -- reconnecting -- with many people, near, far & off the radar. Some folks have been in the periphery for almost my entire life but we never actually held a conversation or corresponded as adults.

The death of Robin Williams earlier this week was as shocking to me as, I'm sure, it was to you... and to your kids. My kids loved him for Aladdin and Mrs. Doubtfire as much as I did for Mork & Mindy, Good Morning, Vietnam, and all of those late-night talk show guest spots (and much more).

I've shared a couple of things that I've found meaningful relating to depression and mental health on social media, which has been bursting at the seams with that type of sharing over the past few days, not all of it good by any stretch. A friend asked about Robin, Why choose hopelessness? And I thought, Well, it wasn't really a choice! But the better answer came from another: He did not have the benefit of clarity. He didn't choose darkness; darkness chose him, and held him close.

And last night at knitting, I learned of Lauren Bacall's death.

Icons. Mesmerizing. Unforgettable.

Meanwhile, we're in the FINAL COUNTDOWN until Kate's return! Six more sleeps.

There's another baseball game on the docket tomorrow night, and another wedding this weekend!

Ups and downs, people. The circle of life. There's all kinds of it going on around here.

* * * * *

A little bit of silly fun helps to keep things in balance, and that's why I'm thrilled that it's Knitters' Hunk and Knitters' Chick time! Plus, eye candy. Nominations are OPEN! You have until Friday, August 15th, to submit your names HERE -- rules here -- up to three each.

These are mine:


Tom Hiddleston


Michael Fassbender



Tom Hardy


Mia Wasikowska


Annette Bening


Emma Stone

Who would you like to hang out with, or just have near, while you knit?  :)

And now... THINGS TO DO!!





I have had a very emotion filled summer, every up and every down a person can go through. My thoughts are with you as you navigate yet more of the emotion to come. xox

I'll take Annette Benning and Michael Fassbender, please. Do they knit?


As The Bloggess says so eloquently, Depression lies.

What does it say about my age that I recognize exactly two of your six nominees? And I only know of Tom Huddleston because he is so popular on Tumblr; never saw him in a movie.

::shuffles away with her cane, mumbling something about Young whippersnappers::


Julia Roberts is a knitter and I always thought she'd be fun to have around so we could knit together. I hope your mom's service is a healing and graceful thing for all of you.


2014 appears to be the "year of emotion"... yours has been especially full. at least I laughed while I cried remembering Robin Williams. I'm sure that's what he would've wanted. I only wish he'd been alive to see it. xo.


Ah, the rollercoaster. I know it well. Ride it as best that you can, with all the joy you can muster.


Sending much love, Vicki! That's a lot of stuff to "feel." XOXOXO

Kim Dean

Thanks for your entries, and for the links to the words on depression. It's been a hard, hard few days.

gale zucker (she shoots sheep shots)

Glad your daughter will be coming home soon after a tough summer for you. Isn't hard when things go so beserkly up and down? And it seems like the rollercoaster ride just keeps getting more crazy as we get older. aaaghhhh!


Remember a memorial celebration is a good thing, it means your mother touched a lot of lives.
Not sure about the hunk but Annette Benning for sure. Funny I almost typed Bennis as in Elaine Benes, crazy fun but definitely not for knitting!

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