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25 April 2014

April 25th


Happy Birthday, Maddy!

* * * * *

We conclude "Birthday Week" (9 days every April) at our house, with a little #tbt.


Random cuteness.


 One of my all-time faves.


Possibly the best birthday party I ever threw, a two-fer for Katie & Ali with a cooking theme (can you tell?). I'm thinking they were 8 and 10 (Maddy would have been only 4). I cut up old tablecloths to make the aprons; they each accordion-folded their own chef hat upon arrival; they made pita pizzas, fruit kebabs, and ice cream cone cakes; we played food-themed games, and I had a blast putting together their food-themed goodie (mesh market) bags. Somewhere there's a photo similar to this but after the food prep, their aprons all smeared with tomato sauce from the pizza making... they look like a band of butchers! Heh. Anyway, it was a fun and very memorable party.


Rusty and I joined Maddy and Ali last Saturday night as they began their birthday celebration together with some friends. Here's our selfie after a Skype chat & birthday toast with Katie in Edinburgh kicked off our evening... and ended hers (it was very late in EDI)!



You throw great parties, Vicki!
Happy Birthday, Maddy! You've got style!

A VERY happy birthday to all your April girls! What fun you get to celebrate! :D

What sweet girlies you have! What a fun way to celebrate every April.

How fun that Maddy and Ali celebrate together! love the #tbt birthday parties...looks like y'all had some very fun times.

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