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21 March 2014

Well, that was fun

Keeping Random.org busy today...

I'm very happy to announce that Therese G. is the winner of the Craftsy class giveaway. Therese, Craftsy has sent a link for you class directly to you. Thank you!!

The winner of the second Craftsy class is Margene!! I may have squealed out loud this morning as I counted and landed on her name, and I couldn't wait to send her gift! Since she recently expressed her interest in Alabama Chanin style sewing, I'm pretty confident that I know which class she'll choose.

Thanks for all the 10-year fun. I've written over 2500 posts in the 10 years I've been blogging and shortly -- very shortly -- someone will leave the 22,000th comment on one of those posts. The milestones just keep coming!


I scored some new 4XL men's t-shirts the other day -- so much fabric! I couldn't wait to start deconstruction and am already busy making another top! This one is a mash-up of two favorite styles for summer.

I can't stop!

This weekend, though, I really need to finish knitting a hat I've had on the needles for too long!

And work at getting rid of a cold. Yuck.

Maybe it's the world telling me that it's House of Cards S2 weekend at my house. heh.



When the message came from Craftsy I jumped up and down! It never crossed my mind I would be a winner, as reading your blog is win enough. Truly! You have no idea how many times you've inspired me.
I've riffled through Smith's drawers and found several t-shirts he won't miss. Alabama Chanin here I come!
Thank you, Vicki!!!

I'm so glad for Margene! Congrats again on your 10 years, Vicki.

;o] Isn't it fun how interested we become in those 3X and 4X T's that we used to just pass by, once we realize what a fabric bonanza they are for stitching Alabama Chanin-style garments? I really must set aside my knitting/crocheting for a while and stitch up MY 4X finds...

Therese G. Weird. That's my name. Hey! It's me. I'm delighted and can't wait to pick a class. Thanks!!!! AKA Stella

I so enjoyed your 10th anniversary tribute - thank you for compiling and sharing all of it! ...and I think you have the perfect excuse for HOC s2. I'm saving mine til Marc's out of town for a few nights and I'm not sure that's going to happen soon enough! Get well. and enjoy!

I just have to say HOC S2 OMG. What a wild ride.

Yay Margene!! Yay YOU!!!

YES! You NEED to watch season 2 of House of Cards! I just watched the last episode of season 2 last night. I am so addicted to that show! I was introduced to it 16 days ago. Now I have to wait for season 3...

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