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11 February 2014

Ten on Tuesday: I'm seeing red

Ten on Tuesday:  10 Favorite Things That Are Red


1.  My daughter Kate's red hair.


2. My daughter Ali's red hair.

2.a. My daughter Maddy's decidedly not-red hair. (It's not her fault that she doesn't have red hair, and I just can't leave her off of this list when the other two are on it!)


3. My grandson Junah's red hair. He doesn't really have red hair, either, but EVERYONE insists that they see red, so I decided today that, by popular demand, Junah's hair is red. Okay? Is everybody happy now??


4. The red Aviatrix that I made... from yarn that I dyed... one of my favorite hat patterns!


5. The red Puerperium that I made... from yarn that I dyed... a favorite newborn sweater pattern!

6. A red enamel bowl that I hardly ever use but have had since the beginning of time (or so it seems).

7. A set of red cotton napkins that are in heavy rotation in my kitchen.


8. Red, red, red tomatoes for Vicki's Roasted Tomato Sauce.


9. My bike -- a Carmine Red TREK FX. I can't wait for spring!


10. The red Saartje's bootees that I made.



That's a lot of really great red!

a bit green with all that red hair - y'all wear it so well! I think you've convinced me, too, that red is a great baby neutral. The hat and booties are adorable for boys and girls!

So much beautiful red (and not-red!) in your world!

This is the perfect ToT to show off all that's red in your life! Zim's hair sure looks red to me (at least in that photo) and he looks marvelous in red sweaters!

Great list - and those booties!! SO cute!

I love the people-focus of your list and your red bike!

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