Baby, it's cold outside!
It's a boy!

Ten on Tuesday: 2013 Favorites

Ten on Tuesday Wednesday:  10 Favorite Moments from 2013


1.  Rio in January!


2.  Chicago in March... and August... and November!


3.  Mother's Day with my girls.

4.  And Mother's Day when Ali confided to me (and me alone!) that I was going to be a grandmother! Such a great present... and I loved holding that little secret for a while.


5.  That moment on June 15th when I became a mother-in-law.


6.  Visits with the Boys from Brazil -- in January (here and there), in July, and in November!


7.  A couple of get-aways with Rusty -- to Milwaukee in May and to Lake Geneva in September.


8.  Ali's baby shower and furthering the fun with a big family get-together afterwards.


9.  Knitting production! Totally amped up and motivated by the notion of a January baby, I didn't stop until I heard the words, "There might be enough sweaters." (It may be true.)

10.  The installation of French doors in the living room by Christmas, just as I'd wished for! There's a little finish work to be done on the non-living room side... no biggie.


11.  Savoring everything about becoming a grandmother for the first time and helping my daughter in her journey to motherhood. From listening to the baby's heartbeat for the first time (and each time), to attending childbirth classes, to reading everything I could about being a doula/good support person for Ali. I feel both blesssed and honored that they want me so involved in the event that's undoubtedly going to be #1 on this list for 2014!!

* * * * *

Katie's still here 'til Sunday... which is Ali's due date. Maddy was home over the weekend, Ali's not scheduled at work, and we've been having lots of fun -- visiting, shopping/thrifting, taking in some shows (art, museum, movies), and checking in at all of our favorite restaurants!

Did I say it was cold outside? Holy crap.

I have yet to knit a stitch this year. There are a couple of projects underway and I'm sure I'll get to them but the sewing bug has definitely bit. I've done two bibs so far, giving me the confidence to tackle the onesie -- and that may be finished tonight.




What a great year! Blessings to everyone.


It is going to be hard to top 2013 for wonderfulness . . . but that new baby might just do it! Can't wait to hear all about it! XO


You have had a very memorable year! This year will be even more memorable! You must be having a grand time while your girls are with you. I hope that baby makes a showing so the whole family can be there! Happy 2014!!


You had some truly amazing things happen in 2013. And your first amazing thing for 2014 is imminent!


Wow; 2013 was a terrific year and it looks like 2014 may be even more so! Can't wait to hear all about the big, happy 2014 moment!


What lovely moments to remember your 2013! These are stepping stones for an amazing 2014, I'm sure.

I thought this was a great 10 list topic to do some major catch-up on my blog, lol.

I'm missing a lot from my time up in your neck of WI the last couple of years; however, the temps & windchills y'all have had this last week aren't being missed. (And we've had plenty of bizarre winter here, too.) This is definitely weather that makes you glad for hand knits!

mary mcmahon

checking in...every day....! Mary in Cincinnati

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