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24 January 2014

Eye Candy Friday


You expected anything else?


I had a little deja vu, remembering the first time I used that little cocoon I made for a newborn photo -- back in 2008! It's hard to believe that Little Man will be 6 this summer.


That might be my new favorite photo of Parcheesi!

Have a great weekend, y'all!



The cocoon is the perfect thing to keep him warm and cozy! You have a very photogenic grandson and he looks particularly handsome dressed in your hand knits!

Perfection! Your best subject ever!

Baby burrito!

oh Eye Candy indeed!! *contented sigh*


Oh my, those pictures are so sweet. He is the perfect subject.

Oh! The sweetness! What a little love! (Enjoy.)

Oh Vicki, he is perfect! I love the serious way he goes about sleeping. And he looks so warm and cozy in your hand-knits.

Such gorgeous photos

BEAUTIFUL baby! He is just perfect! SO cute.

Oh, my goodness! He looks so tiny! Isn't it fun to do a "photo shoot" with different outfits and things?!?

Is there anything as beautiful as a newborn's hands except for their feet and nose and ears and little mouths and their faces and...? Especially when they are some how connected to you?
Oh you are so fortunate to have such a gorgeous one!

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