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24 December 2013

Christmas... it's just about here!

I am completely unprepared in some areas of Christmas, and amazingly overprepared in others... some of it is due to the general weirdness of this holiday season, and some is due to the weather.

Yes, I'm blaming the weather.

Anyway, I got up early to get a 7-lb pork roast into the slow cooker for company that is now not coming until after the holidays.


Thankfully, I know just what to do with a bunch of extra/leftover pulled pork. Along with the Lactation Cookies that I made the other day, they'll help to stock the freezer to help with a few meals after Zim's birth.

I've finished knitting another Cloche Divine! Humorously pictured above, almost finished. I am thrilled with v.2 and will soon be casting on v.3.


I used (and will use) some stashed Rowan Calmer and it is perfect! I made the medium size this time, made the brim 6 rows deeper, and knit it in the round. I'll do all that again for the next one, but in the large size (and black).

I wish I had more Calmer.


Remodeling progress!! Door hardware is being reinstalled today. The only thing left to do is the baseboard trim on the other side... more old monkey business & matching to deal with there. But this side -- the living room side -- the side into which I wished more light to flow... nearly FINITO! It's awesome.

I do believe there's yet one more store stop on my way home today. How about you, ready?




Leftover pork roast is a good thing and I know it won't get wasted. Adorable hat - your hair is so long! Merry Christmas, Vicki!

On a day like today, I bet a lot of people "wish I had more calmer". ;^) Merry Christmas to your and yours, wherever they may be.

I'm totally unprepared, but that is how it will be now. What is finished is finished and……

Love you! Merry! Merry!

You said you didn't look good in hats and I beg to differ! The hat looks marvelous on you! What a great pattern. Merry Christmas, dear Vicki!! May you and yours, far flung tho they may be, have a very Merry Holiday! Much love! xox

That had it adorbs, mom. :) <3

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