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01 November 2013

NaBloPoMo 2013

Day 1. I haven't officially signed on (yet), but it seems a shame not to participate in National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) for the fifth straight year -- even though I'm crazy busy today and nothing is coming together on-the-fly quite as I'd like.

So, today I am relying on a few photos that sum up October around here. It was really quite lovely, but wool socks have come to the forefront, as they do at this time of year.


I'm heading out with Ali later today on a weekend adventure. I'm not sure we -- just the two of us -- have ever done that before! Seems like a good time.

Stay tuned! I haven't quite finalized the NaBloPoMo plan, but there's for sure a big birthday, Thanksgiving, and a baby shower happening this month -- all bloggable -- and perhaps I'll even get my babble back.



My fingers are crossed! I love your babble and/or your pictures without babble.
Because don't have as many as I once did, I'm ready to wash socks for the first time this season.

Lovely photos and I do enjoy reading your blog, whether it happens every day or not. I do wish I could see exactly what a "collector series" rake looks like!

I find myself desperately curious to know more about a rake deemed 'collector series'. Enjoy the adventure.

I always love seeing your pictures!

Lovely photos (as always). Pondering the whole concept of the "Collector's Series" rake . . . over a glass of wine. Have a great time!

Have a fantastic adventure!

You already blog pretty much every day -- NaBloPoMo should not be much of a stretch. Also, is that the sum total of your wool socks -- six pairs? You need more...

I was wondering about the rake too! And the socks...sort of nice to see them again huh?

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