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22 November 2013

Eye Candy/Flashback Friday


Rusty made my birthday card, as he often does, this year using a photo from a small forgotten pile he found stashed in the basement, and enclosing the rest. I love this one of curly haired, standing-on-one-leg Kate, rough-and-tumble Ali, and our at-the-time neighbor Luke. They're standing at the playhouse door -- by the looks of it, the fence had been just completed.

Always a little late for Throwback Thursday, at least there's Flashback Friday!



There is always a reason to post photos of the past. Love the details of their play dresses and that red, red hair!

So cute!

all I have to say about this is RED CURLS!!! (and I wish I were young enough to have 'em...even if they're manmade - ADORABLE! ....and as I type this I think, oh, zim. red curls??!! :-)

They are adorable!

So precious!


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