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Soup weather!

Ten on Tuesday: October Weekend

Ten on Tuesday:  10 Things I Did Over The Weekend

1.  APPLES! (Hubby made a pie.) It was the second-to-last farmers market of the season on Saturday, so that's where I spent my morning. It was damp and chilly, with a sudden and unpredictable wind blowing through at times. Someone lifted my most precious hedgie, about which I am being very Zen and also Karma, baby.

2.  I threw some ribs in the slow cooker.

3.  And took a nap.

4.  Maddy was home since Thursday, and Ali & Rod came over for a family dinner on Saturday. I roasted butternut squash (with rosemary) and Rusty steamed some market-fresh broccoli to go with the BBQ ribs! And pie.

5.  My friend Ann came over on Sunday morning, setting up her spinning wheel at the south end of my porch to spin some silk while I took some photos for her.


She left me with a lovely little gift of handspun. It sure is pretty! A hat? Some little mitts?

6.  I watched the football game.

7.  Spent some time (a little bit) sorting/cleaning/tossing upstairs... even went up into the attic!

8.  Dropped a load at the Goodwill drive-thru.

9.  Gathered up & took photos of Zim-related knitting (see yesterday's post). I've since remembered a bulky knit hoodie to add to the "finishing" pile!

10.  Caught up on some TV -- Blue Bloods, The Good Wife, Sons of Anarchy (finished S1), and knit!

Can't ask for much more from an October weekend!



Sounds like a terrific weekend to me. It must have been a wonderful family dinner!


are you loving SOA? I am halfway thru season 4 and can't seem to get enough of Jax...such a cutie...and did you say lifted hedgie as in took without permission? if so sad sad sad...


The horror! Like you said, karma baby. The apple picture is beautiful...looks like a great weekend to me!


So sorry about the hedgie! It makes me sad that people do such things. Small in the overall scheme of things and you say, Karma!


Mean people suck. Weekends mixed with work, play, family, and food are the best!


friends and family, good food, beautiful weather ... and knitting. it never gets any better than that!


Such a perfect October weekend. And that is some beautiful hand spun you scored!


I'm craving some butternut, acorn, ANY fall squash, so now I'm drooling! The yarn is gorgeous. Sounds like a perfect weekend!


Love Autumn weekends!


Really a perfect weekend - all the way around!


Beautiful handspun - lucky you!

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