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Makin' moves

It was not a bad day to be at the market yesterday.

It was mostly cloudy, and a lot cooler and less humid than originally predicted for the weekend. Thankyouverymuch!

I did some knitting... actually got a little carried away because, by the end of the day, I discovered that I went a bit too far. Today, I'll be ripping back a little bit and finishing that bottom edge, then picking up to finish those cute, wee sleeves. I'm not sure yet exactly what size this is turning out to be.

In other news, Maddy came home yesterday afternoon, as planned, to pack the trailer for the move into her first apartment (yay, no more dorms!). This was a change from an earlier plan, which had this all happening a week later. It's been a tough transition through the end of summer to the start of school; poor kid, she had to be at work (for the school job) two weeks ago, but her new apartment was unavailable until... NOW. She's been couch-surfing a lot, and even spent a night (with a friend) in her car. So, anyway, BUSY BUSY BUSY. She worked until 1:30 yesterday, was home by 3:00, and packing up by 3:05.

Waiting on laundry to dry, we ordered pizza and had a nice visit over dinner with Kate -- who just returned from her LAST DAY AT WORK. At one point, with the late start, we thought we might not drive the trailer over until Sunday morning, but there was good energy (and weather), so we took off for points west right after supper.

The unloading goes SO much faster than the loading! Maddy's roommate and lifelong best friend was a big help on both ends and it made all the difference! They were all moved in and we were headed back home before the sun went down. Don't they look happy? It's a cute little apartment -- clean and it smelled good -- perfect for them!

Here's to another great year at school!!




That little sweater is adorable. As is Maddy in her new digs :-)


You have one motivated kid in Maddy! She's ready to take on anything to get where she needs to be. Smart grrl!
Your wee sweater looks great! Enjoy your holiday, Vicki.

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