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Our nest may be empty of offspring for the first time in a long time, but there's a "new" (to us) kitty in the mix to keep things lively around here.

Porter is the first indoor cat we've ever had; declawed by his original owner, he only goes outside... when he escapes! He came to Katie through a friend, and now joins Scamp, Roxie, and Duncan to bring our total feline pet population to four! We've never had that many cats before. Two is my ideal, though it's been a long time since we only had two cats.

Relations here are touchy. Scamp is old, slow, arthritic, and possibly suffering some sort of feline dementia (if there is such a thing). Roxie is the only female in the mix; littermate of Scamp, they have the best relationship. Duncan is a wild one, a bad boy by nature with little glimmers of sweetness; he gets along best with Scamp (that's not to say great). Porter is a bad boy sort of by nurture -- super lovable, but he learned to play rough!

We had a sort of "open door policy" for the few weeks prior to Katie's departure so that Porter could become more a part of our household. Since she's been gone, we've left the door open while we work up there, leaving his food and litter box in their usual locations. Eventually that'll all move downstairs, and the door will close. (The goal being to actually rent the apartment for the first time in 20+ years!) (We sure don't need all that extra room.) (The extra $ would sure be nice.)

I'm sure Porter misses Kate, but am very happy with how well he's handling things. Other than weirdly finding his way into the basket, above, he hasn't displayed any behavior that's too off-the-wall... for him! That's not to say there hasn't been a lot of spitting, hissing, and batting of paws amongst the cats. Roxie generally keeps her distance altogether, coming in only for short periods... I sometimes close off an area for her; it's been most stressful for her, I think.

* * * * *

I had to laugh at Porter this morning-- very early morning (more like middle of the night... at a time I'd usually not be amused)...

Ever since we opened the door, Porter's had this thing about the stairs. If someone's going up, he needs to go up, too. Not only does he need to go up, he needs to go up FAST! Faster than anyone else! Let's RACE!!

It was hot & humid last night so we left our bedroom doors open for circulation. (I won't even get into the fact that I was wrapped up in blankets, wearing a sweater and socks, and even turned the heat on for one cycle just two nights before.) Of course, that left our bedroom open for other types of circulation, too!

At about 2:30 a.m., Porter came in and started dancing around my head and then over to my night table. Treacherous business, that, and he has a history of nudging things off the edge of whatever he's on. I got up and headed for the bathroom. He was tight on my heels, slinking around my ankles the whole time.

He left us alone for a little bit, but then came in again. Kate said that when he's extra persistent, it's often because his food bowl (located upstairs) is empty. I didn't want to, but thought I'd better go up and check. I was surprised that he didn't follow! I knew, though, that once he heard me on the stairs (a very old, very noisy staircase) he'd come running, and did he ever! Like a SHOT, he blasted off from our bedroom, racing through the kitchen and living areas, and beat me to the top by a footfall! It was so amusing, I almost didn't mind the time.

His food dish was not empty. I added a little more, anyway... and shut the bedroom door behind me.




I'm rethinking the whole "let's get a cat they don't need as much attention as a dog" theory.


Four appears to be my magic number for cats, not intentionally at all that's just the way it always works out.
Porter sounds like fun (except for the middle of the night shenanigans)
My kitties are going to have to get used to a backyard instead of an acreage, I don't know who's sadder about that.
Btw I once had a de-clawed cat that was indoor/outdoor, mostly outdoor by choice and he did just fine - ruled the neighbourhood, in fact.


I've never had more than 1 cat at a time. Your household must be a lively place these days!


That's one crazy looking cat. He looks like our black cat Will. He's an indoor-outdoor cat, and has turned into a total lunatic with the rainy weather since he's stuck inside with people who are clearly inferior to him.


Oh, kitties! They are so silly! Enjoy!

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