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06 September 2013

All aboard

Kate & I went out for coffee yesterday.

And dinner... with Rusty, Ali, Rod & Jillian.


Missing only Maddy... already away at school.

We visited Mom.

I picked what's probably the last of the sungold tomatoes.

We went out for coffee again today.

And tea and other stuff and last-minute visiting.

She finalized the final packing.

And I took her to the airport.

And she ought to be on-board as we speak, the plane due to lift off in about :20. She'll wing her way to Detroit, then to Amsterdam, and finally to Edinburgh tomorrow morning -- or, rather, afternoon on her clock. Either way, I look forward to hearing from her along the way. And all the time.

I can't wait!



Ali married, Maddy off to school and Katie winging her way across the world...that's a whole bunch of change for a family to go through in one summer. There's adventure ahead for every single one of you (and a quiet weekend).

Sending you lots and lots of LOVE!!

Whew! Bittersweet.

Hope you're doing okay. Exciting times for Katie and all of you!

Looking forward to hearing all the excitement and wonder of Katie's education in Edinburgh. Google has informed me that Scotland's national animal is the unicorn, which makes me want to visit even more!

May you have fair skies and following winds, Katie!

We just flew over Scotland on our way home yesterday. Everything looked fine, Mom. ;^) Good wishes to you all for the continuing excitement of new things in life.

Such an exciting adventure! It's hard to be melancholy . . . when she's so clearly excited! What fun. I can't wait to hear about her experience.

Exciting and bittersweet and gosh not all my tomatoes have ripened yet! Take care Vicki.

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