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Ten on Tuesday: 10 Words

Ten on Tuesday:  10 Words to Describe Myself in an Interview

I'd just like to say that when I read the topic for today, I wanted to puke. That pretty much sums up how I feel about going on a job interview! I immediately closed the email and my first reaction was to just skip it altogether.

Then I accepted the challenge.

Maybe it's not a JOB interview; maybe it's another type of interview -- a newspaper story or magazine feature!

(Did you feel that? It's like the earth moved. Change in thinking = immediate relief.)

Well, then, in no particular order:

1.  Creative

2.  Efficient

3.  Confident

4.  Positive

5.  Responsible

6.  Dependable

7.  Independent

8.  Easy-going

9.  Quick-learner

10.  Hard-worker

11.  Loyal*

I'm not sure I'd use the majority of those words in anything other than a job interview, but they came SO much easier when I didn't think of it that way.

*Loyal was actually one of the first words that came to mind, but I'm pretty sure that's just me showing my age.




Loyal is good. And I'm glad you participated despite wanting to puke! LOL.


I thought the same thing, but had no relief and haven't quite built up my urge to blog. Your words describe the you I know. They're perfect!!


I never thought of it as a job interview, which is probably how it was meant. I was thinking more of a magazine "interview". LOL.

After reading your list, I would definitely hire you!


It's a great list... definitely someone I'd hire!


Loyal is important. Even if it's being loyal to yourself!


I was thinking loyal too, but in this day and age, I'm not sure that matters to most employers anymore... at least it hasn't for the ones I've worked for lately.


yay for hyphens!! and yes, I agree this was much more a "challenge" than a prompt. I'm also happy to have it confirmed that we ToT girls would make great work teammates!


I had the same reaction. That and knowing my boss gets my feed on FB and the blog posts there? I figured she'd think I was actually considering a new job. Which I don't want her to think.
So I DID skip it. I like your list! Many of my words there...


Loyal is wonderful and so little appreciated in the workforce these days. It seems the employers could use a refresher in loyalty.

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