Ten on Tuesday: 10 Words
Packing it all in

Remember the good old days?

The lights flickered on and the fridge started to hum again when power was restored. The only thing left to do was run around and reset the clocks. Not spending hours trying to figure whether it's your printer that's fried, or the network, or WTF... who unplugged that cord?

We had a bad storm blow through the area on Tuesday night -- they've now confirmed that it was actually 5 tornadoes. We lost a big tree in the ravine at home (above), and a few branches, but no structural damage or loss of power. There was no power at work, though, until mid-morning today and the main route I take to-and-fro has been closed for the last couple of days and will likely remain so for a few more... snapped off power poles and dislodged roofs take time to clean up and repair.

And wow. I am utterly exhausted from all of that. And so completely humbled by and in awe of the many thousands who have gone through the devastating tsunami, hurricanes, earthquakes, and tornadoes of recent years. Incredible.

I'm also very grateful that I'll be hopping on a bus at 6 a.m. tomorrow for a ride down to Stitches Midwest. I've never been and am looking forward to a day of fiber and fun with friends. Fff. I'm not really too crazy about the 6 a.m. part, but do plan on taking a nap. I'll also continue working on Zim's Pull Gaspard. I dropped down a few stitches yesterday to fix a split stitch. I've just begun a sleeve. Very exciting!

Last but not least...

Addy is my new favorite 6-year-old! Can you believe it? Six today.

Will Zim zoom to 6 just like that, too? Crazy kids these days, they grow like weeds!




My knitting buddies and I are heading out at 6 AM on Saturday for Stitches---leave some good stuff for us!


Sorry about the tree, but glad it wasn't worse! Have a great time at Stitches ;-)


I'm so glad you guys are all safe and that you didn't have any serious damage to your home. Have a great time today!!


So glad you survived the storm. (Amazing what they can do, huh?) There is nothing quite like a 6-year-old boy! One of my favorite boy-ages. (I always say . . . there is a reason Christopher Robin was 6 in the Pooh stories!) And, yeah. Zim will zoom. Just like that! XO


I'm glad your house was undamaged! I haven't been to Stitches, either! I hope you have an excellent time and give us a good report.


Winds are such a scary weather phenomena. So glad you came through mostly unscathed. Zim will Zoom sounds like a great title for a kids book! Enjoy Stitches. It sounds like a blast.

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