Packing it all in
It's that time of year again

More summer fun

Baby blanket knitting continues and I'm so happy that I started early on this project. There is a limit to my chevron knitting before I have to take a break! Loving how it's turning out, though. There's a glimpse of one of my finds at Stitches Midwest, an Ablet -- the Knitting Abacus row-counter/bracelet -- not necessary for the blanket project, but I've been using it for others and love it! Someday I'd like another.


Take me out to the ball game! Last Thursday was a perfect night for baseball... and look how exciting it is when the bratzooka comes around! Crazies.

We had a little rummage sale at Ali's over the weekend and unloaded some stuff, especially Kate... she had some really good stuff! I made heaps o' progress on Le P'tit Mousse and, in fact, have only seaming and button procurement left to do! (The Ablet was very handy for this project!)

Ali's CSA box was full of juice-ables on Saturday, so she made us a WONDERFUL apple, lemon, cucumber, carrot, parsley, cilantro, beet, ginger, cabbage & kale juice. Rod's whole family -- brothers, parents -- have been into juicing for quite some time, and got my brother and his wife into it a while back, too. They all juice everyday, or almost everyday.

Kate & I bought a pail of tart cherries in Door County last week. Here we are having a pity pitting party over the weekend. (Rusty certainly looks pitiful, doesn't he?) Kate wants to make a farewell cherry pie to take to work, as one does. I want to make one, too! I've never made a cherry pie from scratch and I'm looking forward to it. That's a tomorrow project, after the midwife appointment with Ali & Rod.

Countdown to Kate's departure: 18 Days!




18 DAYS!!?!!
No wonder your summer is flying by, you and your family never stop moving. I'll bet the cherry pie was to live for!


Love all your photos. Rusty looks not happy about pitting the cherries, or was it about having his picture taken? I'm kinda jealous of that photo with you and two of your girls -- my boys, er, men would never permit me to take such a photo.


I love following along on instagram, but the commentary here makes the story complete. you are living right these days, for sure! (p.s. my aunt makes a to-die for cherry pie...look forward to hearing about yours!)


That Ablet is awesome! (As is everything else but that particularly caught my eye!) Love you!!!

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