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It's that time of year again

Kids are going back to school!

I wrote about that once: Milestones.

I think about that post every year at this time, and I still get teary when I remember.

Plus, so much as happened since then! It all changes now when I realize, too, that Sharon will be three years gone, already, in December. That Alison graduated, went to school, bought a business, got married, is having a baby! That even Maddy has graduated high school since then, and is working on her degree.

Anyway, if you've been following along, you know that we're in the "teens" now as we count down to Katie's departure to Scotland where she'll spend the next year working on her masters degree at the University of Edinburgh.

She has learned some things along the way and is sharing: What I've learned so far... 5 Tips from a Student Moving Abroad.

It's an excellent read -- not only for someone moving abroad, but for anyone who is embarking on a new adventure (even if it's only across town, because sometimes that can seem even further away...) -- and I hope you'll share it with anyone you may know who's in a similar spot.




A friend of my son's is also heading to University of Edinburgh for her master's in archeology, so I've shared Katie's tips with her. Wishing Katie and all of you all the best with all of your milestones!


I read Katie's post and thought it was very wise. She had a good mama to help her grow up to be a wonderful woman.

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