It's that time of year again

15 minutes...

...gave me a good start. I had to set the timer for another :15 to reach my goal of cleaning off and putting away the ironing board that's been set up and heaped upon since June 14th! It's done!

One small step.

I am paralyzed by the enormity of every thing at every turn right now. Hopefully, breaking it down into bite-size pieces will result in some success and maybe even momentum. I need to get some of these projects going.

There's just a lot going on around here. I'm having trouble stringing thoughts together, finding words...

We made pie! My crust was terrible to look at (there's a reason I'm not the designated pie-maker at our house) but it tasted good. The homemade tart cherry filling was AMAZING! We did everything but pick those cherries -- though I have picked cherries in Door County in my lifetime -- and it feels so great to have made something so wonderful from scratch.

Tonight, the Packer game with Mom, Joe & Katie.

Tomorrow, farmers' market in the a.m., a friend's family reunion photo shoot in the early p.m., and dinner out with my family in the late p.m.

Sunday will most definitely be a day of rest... with a few :15s thrown in!




Breaking large projects into smakler bites is a great way to handle them. The trick is keeping the momentum throughout. You'll do great!!
Given the chance, I would eat a slice of that pie!


that pie looks amazing no matter what you say about the crust! ...and about the other stuff, be kind to yourself. it's ok if it gets done in more time, or doesn't get done. you've got the important things in the forefront and that's what matters (p.s. the timers on my oven and my phone are my secret to staying somewhat on task!)

Julia in KW

I am a big believer in small increments of time making things happen. I set my phone/stove/microwave timer all the time - clean this, knit that, check that - helps things get done and stops other things from going awry because I have forgotten to check on them!
(and the pie looks lovely - my husband will be over shortly for a piece! - he would love it if I made pie more often!)


Baby steps, baby, baby steps! Oh, that pie! Yummm...


Pie looks fantastic! The small bites approach is something I too need to work on - I'm so there with you on being paralyzed by the enormity of stuff!


I'm going to give your science a try this weekend. With a new puppy 15 minutes is pretty much all I can string together. First task...empty bathroom drawers of goods that have not moved in years and replace with practical items...that dog can't get to. Happy Monday!


I gave up on lattice crust eons ago. Just cut the piecrust in cool shapes (I like stars) with your favorite cookie cutters and arrange them so they partly overlap, leaving spaces for the filling to vent. And call yourself an artist rather than someone who can't make piecrust.

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