Ten on Tuesday: All By Myself

Summer will end soon enough...

Man, it's been jam-packed so far!

Since the wedding:

  • Ali & Rod had a little honeymoon get-away
  • We started Saturday farmer markets again
  • Rusty traveled to Japan and back
  • My sister Ann arrived from Brazil for a couple of weeks, making a couple of trips to Madison, too
  • My sister Karen came from Northern WI for a quickie 24-hour visit
  • The girls left & returned on their road trip to Glacier National Park (click on over for Kate's run-down on their adventure, and picture-postcard photos!)

I've been pretty stationary through all of that... feeling not unlike a May pole, though perhaps a bit dizzier.


In addition to ice cream, there was bike-riding (Addy mastered two wheels!), a joint birthday celebration for Mack & Addy), the 4th of July, returning travelers... busy, busy, busy!

It's hard to believe that Mack turned 8 a month ago, and Addy's almost 6!


Mack - Then & Now!


Addy - Then & Now!

Departure for Brazil was set for Tuesday afternoon and my girls hadn't even seen them yet, so everyone came over and we had a little farewell dinner on Monday night at my house. I made Aunt Cece's meatballs, my new go-to that I love so much (serving pasta & sauce for those who wished it), and this Bell Pepper Slaw found on Pinterest (made a day ahead, making day-of so much easier). Annie made one of the two Pao de Queijo mixes she brought us (they turned out GREAT) (and Hm)! Ali brought a bowl of her lovely chocolate avocado pudding, also a new fave.

And here we are on Tuesday evening at Red Robin before heading over to see Despicable Me 2... Um, flight delays are a bummer, but at least they found out early enough they wouldn't make their connections that they could delay their departure by a day! Yay? YAY!


I had long planned to drive down to Milwaukee on Wednesday (yesterday) with Katie for her fingerprinting appointment at the Dept. of Homeland Security -- one more step towards Scotland! Things are falling into place... once the student visa is in-hand, the flight will be booked... the days are counting down fast. Anyway, I snuck over to Mom's early yesterday for final kisses & hugs. It was Mack -- NOT the pesky aunt always wanting smoochies -- who requested "one more" kiss & hug, honing his heart-breaker skills in the process! While not enthusiastic, Addison was not stingy with the kisses, but he withheld my hug, saying that he'll give it to me when I'm in Rio!

I guess I'll have go to Rio again, too!  :)



Love the Maypole analogy! You've got a marvelous summer going on up there!


Your family is really, obviously, wonderful.


Your summer has been a whirlwind of activity! Good, fun, family activities and there are more to come with Katie's departure. The boys are so darling and it's stunning to hear Mack is 8, EIGHT! You had such a great time in Rio you need to return...maybe on the way home from Scotland. :)


Whee, things are happening over here!


Sounds like a very fun and happy whirlwind!


It appears that Addison has already learned the Latin American art of negotiation with that hug tactic. How nice you got to see them again so soon.


Oh, the summers. They do go by so fast, don't they? Such a whirlwind! (I LOVE the maypole analogy. Love.) Enjoy these days. :-)

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