Ten on Tuesday: Sum-Sum-Summertime!

We all scream


The boys from Brazil arrived late Wednesday. My job was to stop at the store after work to pick up a few things to go with supper, ice cream being one of them... and I forgot it! Luckily, just as we headed out for an after-dinner game of ball tag, we heard the ice cream truck coming down the street!

I can't remember the last time I stood at an ice cream truck window! (Way before 4 treats cost $15.00!!) We sat right down on the grass to slurp, then burned it all off playing tag.

* * * * *


Today marks the first day of... I don't know what you call it: a 5-day weekend or a mini-vacation? Whatever it is, I'll take it!! A couple-few of those days will be free for nothing but me! Meaning, of course, that I'll be cleaning up, organizing, and throwing stuff out of my workroom...

* * * * *


The first time I noticed and learned about a catalpa tree must have been on a Sister Weekend in Milwaukee and from Sharon, because Karen, Annie and I all have a similar response to the catalpa.* Sharon then worked as an arborist for the city and lived across from a park where an enormous catalpa tree grew. There are a few reasons to notice catalpa trees over the course of a year, but they're especially eye-catching when a mature tree is in full bloom -- that one was, and we all noticed!

This one is down a little ways from the coffee shop. I pulled over yesterday morning to snap a pic from the car. There's another across the street and a bit further down. Oh, the sweet scent of those flowers. There used to be a catalpa two doors down from us, but it was sacrificed some years ago for a driveway. I treasure a wooden bowl that was made from the wood of that tree!

Not to be forgotten, there are a couple of volunteer catalpas in the neighbor's yard and in ours that we've spotted over the last several years. The one in our yard is sort of in a silly place, and may cause some retaining wall problems in 100 years. Or maybe not! Maybe that tree will save the retaining wall... lord knows it's not going to make it another 100 years without some help. Anyway, I love that I can see that little tree from the kitchen and the other day I noticed flowers!

It's only a few, but I think it's the first time!

The way the (social) world works these days, when a young knitting friend gives birth at a local birthing center, another friend might just end up clicking around on similar sites and pages. It was on one such page where I found posted a photo of a chalkboard on which the names and dates of recent births at the center were written, among them Alton - 4/29, Esther - 5/2, Harrison - 5/23, Richard - 5/23, and...

SHARON - 6/15**

*I posted that photo on FB and Annie wrote, "Well I think we can take that as a big HELLO! from Sharon!"

**Sharon's birthday! If that isn't a big ol' howdy-do from my late sister, I don't know what is! ~

* * * * *


Time to get moving! I've a trunk full o' junk to drop off for donation, and sleeping bags ready for the laundromat. I've finished sewing up the sachets and filled them with lavender flowers, and just this morning found the ribbon I've been looking for to finish them off! I am now free to move about the cabin on to other knitting projects!!




Last night (it was 102 yesterday) I was craving ice cream! If a truck had driven by I might have indulged.
The catalpa trees are all over SLC. Please update us each spring with your little sprouts progress. Enjoy your vacay and the BOYS!


Catalpa trees bring back some special memories for me also; my grandparents had a huge one in their yard. My sister and I tried to make "catalpa perfume" by soaking bunches of the flowers in water, but sadly, all we got was a stinky pile of rotten flowers. How I wish I had a lovely bowl like yours made from my grandparents' tree. So glad for your wonderful hellos from Sharon, ice cream, visitors, and vacation!


I've never seen a catalpa tree; it truly is a beautiful thing. I love the bowl you have that was made from it's wood. It is nice you can still appreciate the tree after it is gone. So many lovely memories of yours are woven into those rings. Hugs!

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