We all scream

Ten on Tuesday: Sum-Sum-Summertime!

Ten on Tuesday:  10 Things I Want To Do This Summer

We already did the big thing!

I love that smile. I love that I haven't been seeing anything but that smile on her face. So happy.

Honestly, I haven't thought about much beyond June 15th but, well, now I guess I can!

10 More Things:

1.  Have a great little visit with the visitors from Brazil (arriving tomorrow)!

2.  Clean and clean out my workroom -- a serious paring down and purging -- in preparation for...

3.  A remodeling project! Actually, it's more of a restoration project. We'll be installing three french doors in a wall where we knew there once were similar doors (probably three french doors). Originally from a house on our block, we purchased them a few months ago at the local antique mall -- the owner of which also lives on our block. That's keeping it local, folks! Heh. I can't wait.

The back porch has already been painted! Thanks Maddy!

4.  As a result of the cleaning, purging and remodeling/restoration, I will likely be rearranging a good deal of our living area. Unless it has a specific and undeniable use -- kitchen, bathroom -- the rooms in our house are always in flux and subject to change. We don't just rearrange the furniture, we rearrange the rooms! We're in serious need right now, too, as some of of them seem more like glorified storage areas with comfortable seating.

5.  A rummage sale in August!

Hm, most of this is sounding a lot like work...

6.  Day-trips to... Milwaukee and Door County, at least.

7.  An overnighter to the Lake Geneva area and a visit to Black Point Estate.

8.  Enjoy lots of fresh produce from the local markets; I'm especially looking forward to strawberries, blueberries, tomatoes, and celery (I hope).

9.  Dye! I've some special-order dyeing to do, and some playing around with techniques and ideas that I'd like to do!

10.  Relax. And knit. Preferably on the deck, and with a cool beverage at-hand. I finally sewed up some sachets last night -- one-and-a-half to go -- and then I plan to finish Romi's mystery shawl while figuring out what to do next... SO MANY CHOICES right now!

  • TTL Mystery Shawl (Germinate) by Kirsten Kapur
  • Lichen by Larissa Brown
  • Tripartite by Stephen West
  • A million and one baby/kid things
  • A percolating blanket

How about you? What's on your list for summer? What should I add to mine?




I love the name Kirsten picked! It's perfect. Her design been fun to knit, although I'm one clue behind. I hadn't seen the other patterns on your list so thank you for sharing them!
Your list will make living in your space this winter all the better, but it includes more work than play. You really should add more play to your schedule. :)


Love the continuous happy smile, restoring local french doors, and that beautifully painted porch! My front porch is in dire need of painting, but so far all I've accomplished is procrastination of the endless prep. work!


Make sure you scheduled some fun things, sounds like you've got a lot of work things. Those are good, too, though, because you will love when it's DONE.

kathy b

Road trip to Virginia to see our DD. Counting down the days..

*day at the horse racetrack in July with pals

*Working less and on my terms!

*Knitting lots and lots ...socks and shawls


I've got a clean and purge plan for my studio, too. I'm craving empty space! You're going to be a busy woman!!


Oh that sparkler photo is sweet! I hope you have some time to enjoy your favorite new couple. And a bike ride or two?!


You find the BEST patterns! Lichen and Tripartite have been added to my favorites.


Work fast, Vicki! That's a long list . . . and summer is so short! It sounds like you have some exciting changes in store -- and that makes the work light (that's my story and I'm stickin' to it!).



I'm looking forward to an extra-long weekend (starting tomorrow and going through Tuesday!) (almost a mini-vacation) at home, alone, to make some headway on the "work" portion of my summer program! The sachets are finally finished and filled -- I just need to find the ribbon to tie 'em up -- so I'm free to move on to other knitting! The weight of those unfinished sachets was so great that I couldn't even execute a hexagon when I tried last week.


What an exciting Summer you have planned. I can't wait to see the result of the remodel project! I am looking forward to seeing the ocean for the first time in 6 years. A real vacation; I just can't wait! :)

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