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04 June 2013

Ten on Tuesday: I Scream!

Ten on Tuesday:  10 Favorite Ice Cream Toppings

I got this! While ice cream is a very infrequent indulgence these days, I have indulged and I definitely have favorites. I love different flavors of ice cream -- Moose Tracks, Coffee -- but if it's a "sundae" or ice cream with toppings (which, in my book, is a "sundae"), it's always the same. Easy peasy!

Good vanilla ice cream with...

1.  Hot fudge.

2.  Hot fudge.

3.  Hot fudge.

4.  Hot fudge.

5.  Hot fudge.

6.  Hot fudge.

7.  Hot fudge.

8.  Pecans.

9.  Fresh whipped cream.

10.  A cherry on top!

You may say I'm stuck in a rut. Maybe so... but I think it's a delicious rut!



Gotta have that hot fudge and the whipped cream! That's not a bad rut to be in.

yum - my favorite is peppermint stick (with the candy bits) hot fudge, walnuts, whipped cream and a cherry

Hot fudge is definitely worthy of adding seven times, both to the list and to ice cream.

Lol, lol, lol - I was worried that the only thing that I would be able to come up with for this list was chocolate syrup, but you have shown me the wisdom of sticking with what you like.

I'm with you. Best way to go forever. ;-)

Do what you like! Why not? While I'm not a fan, hot fudge is a great choice because it's HOT, melty, yummy especially with whipped cream!

mmmmm frudge

At our house we like to refer to that as being 'reliable', not 'in a rut'.

You leave any doubts about what you like. :)

sorry, you didn't leave I thought it but my fingers stumbled, opps

Mmmmm. and mmmmmmm. :D

That's my kind of rut, girlfriend!

There is nothing to improve on a good vanilla - except the chocolate sauce of course!

Except for the cherry, your list looks exactly like mine. (I substitute the cherry with "hot fudge".)

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