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11 June 2013

Loving my thread

I volunteer for many things at times like these, and when Ali stalled at the hand-sewing (finishing) phase of a project she was working on for her attendants... 

With sachet and shawl knitting complete (though will still some finishing to do), I picked up needle and thread last night and made a good run at the finish line -- not quite there yet, but the sewing was a nice change of pace.

I fell a little bit in love with Natalie Chanin after watching her Craftsy class, Hand-Embellishing Knit Fabric: Stenciling, Appliqué, Beading and Embroidery. I loved listening to her speak so beautifully about sewing, and I learned so much! I smiled every time last night as I cut a length and "loved my thread" before needling it.

Craftsy Logo

I'm looking forward to watching/listening to Natalie again, sometime after June 15th (and again and again and again, as many times as I'd like, because that's how Craftsy works). I have some beautiful fabric and my pattern for the coat featured in the class, but also found some lesser "practice" materials when I recently cleaned out my closet. I feel primed and ready!

The reduction of swelling in my body due to dietary changes has really made a difference and I do not suffer the carpal tunnel problems as much or as readily. I'm sure I wouldn't be quite so excited about hand sewing if pinching a small needle for five minutes resulted in a day of tingling and aching! I did some pretty intense sewing for about 2 hours last night and feel fine today! Woo!

Oh. You want a sneak peek of those shawls?

Okay! That's my Frambuesa at the top, Ali's Mexican Wedding below. LOVE.THEM.



The shawls are going to be amazing and I can't wait to see them in their entirety. Thank you for introducing me to Craftsy. I haven't taken more than the one class but it offers much learning potential (and I loved the class I took!).

That sneak peek makes me want to see more, more, more! Sounds like the wedding is going to be so full of handmade touches and I love that!

The shawls are stunning--that color!You did such a beautiful job on them, have a joyous time at the wedding -and congratulations! (I've already been admiring the designs, especially the wedding one)

those shawls take my breath away - cannot wait to see them on y'all!

That Mexican Wedding edging is AMAZING.

Love the shawls, can't wait to see the rest. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

The shawls are beautiful...am am so excited to see the complete wedding photos. You are intriguing the heck out of me!
I've put Natalie aside for a few months...way to much furniture painting going on!

Just beautiful! The color! Oh, just takes my breath away.

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