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14 May 2013

Ten on Tuesday: Oh, Mother!

Ten on Tuesday:  10 Favorite TV Moms

In no particular order, and with a couple of extra for good measure. Can you have too many TV mothers? They're all favorites for different reasons!

1.  Olivia Walton:  The Waltons. Well, for one thing, I always loved Miss Michael Learned's name, and I also loved her voice. She was the epitome of "calm," perfectly conveyed through the tone and timbre of her voice. I wanted to be a Walton.

2.  Ann Romano:  One Day at a Time. I could relate!! My mother was also a divorced, single mom (of five!), and Barbara & Julie were about my age.

3.  Edith Bunker:  All In The Family. Those Were The Days!

4.  Julia Baker:  Julia. Oh, she was so pretty and no one's ever more elegantly worn a nurse's uniform!

5.  Florida Evans:  Good Times. She was dyn-o-mite!

6.  Roseanne Conner:  Roseanne. Talk about keepin' it real.

7.  Clair Huxtable:  The Cosby Show. Smart.

8.  Kitty Forman:  That '70s Show. Giggles erupt the minute Kitty appears.

9.  Sophia Petrillo:  The Golden Girls. Sophia makes me laugh out loud!

10.  Marion Cunningham:  Happy Days. Who didn't love Mrs. Cunningham??

11.  Caroline Ingalls:  Little House On The Prairie. I always wanted to be Laura Ingalls Wilder, so it makes sense that Ma would be my ma!

12.  Maude Findlay:  Maude. Not exactly the maternal type, I loved Maude -- and her daughter, also a mom, Carol!

13.  Victoria Barkley:  The Big Valley. Pretty sure I just had a big crush on Barbara Stanwyck.

Who'd I miss? Mrs. Partridge, Mrs. Brady, Mrs. Addams, Mrs. Munster, Mrs. Cleaver, Mrs. Simpson, Mrs. Jetson, Mrs. Flintstone and Mrs. Rubble, Mrs. Ricardo...



I adore your list! And love that you included Maude because I thought she was awesome - that intro song and montage of photos of her was T-riffic!

Loved the inclusion of Ann Romano. I think that was a breakout role, situation, etc?

I missed June Cleaver too - I always wanted to look as nice as she did while cleaning house...complete with pearls!

Awesome list, and you have a few that I wish I had thought of when making my list. And let's not forget that Ann Romano had awesome ginger hair!!

I love how you always remind me of these old tv shows! We really were one of the first tv generations, weren't we?

I love that you included Sophia from the Golden Girls. I loved her!

hm! another list filled with moms i wasnt familiar with until reading other lists from ToT. wish i had access to more of these shows

Oh, great list, Vicki! (We watched the same shows. . .) I had forgotten Julia! I loved that show.

Michael Learned has a little summer place on the same lake as my friend Colleen here in Polk County.

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