Pins and needles!
Spring is springing!


I'm not sure what is more surprising here... the size of my glasses or Maddy's dark hair!

Because she's been a blondie ever since!

My intrepid adventurer!

Famous stink-eye. Seriously. This is the expression in 95% of her photos.

But there are plenty like this, too. Love. (Also, a resemblence between Ali and my sister Sharon is often seen, but in this one it blows me away!)

Happy 22nd birthday, Madeleine!! And thank you for having a relatively normal year ahead! I am looking forward to more adventure and excitement... just happy it's not this year!

One of my favorite photos of us in London.

And with that, "birthday week" is a wrap for another year!




Pictures of you four together show how individual you all are and yet how much you favor each other. You have created a wonderful family, Vicki!


Happy Birthday to Maddy! When Hannah was born she had dark dark curly hair. And then it all fell out and grew in blonde and straight. Go figure.


I love these tributes to your children they are so wonderful. Happy Birthday to the last of the troika! My son was born with blonde, brown, black and red hair. It looked like someone had overdone the it is just brown. :)


Happy Birthday to all of your girls. I enjoy your posts and your pics. I was going to comment the other day on the resemblence to Sharon....amazing and beautiful. :)

Robin F.

happy Birthday to all and a great year ahead too.


Happy Birthday Week!! It's been great fun to see all the photos!

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