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22 April 2013


Hanging with Daddy at the beach - Cape Meares, OR.

Expressing herself!

And always up for some fun and adventure!

I'm going to miss her when she leaves again for school in the fall.

It's her 28th birthday today! Happy Birthday, Katie! I love you so much, and am so excited for your big year ahead!!

My daughters celebrated their birthdays together over the weekend, also carrying on the tradition of Sister Weekend begun some years ago by my sisters and me! It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Love my girls!



What a cutie pie she was - and still is! Happy Birthday to Katie!

Happy Birthday, Katie! May the next year be full of all that's wonderful!
Vicki, you have the most beautiful grrls!

Who can forget this 1-2-3 birthday run-up in your family! It's so sweet they can do a birthday weekend. Happy birthday everyone!

Happy Birthday to all the lovely ladies! :)

Happy Birthday Weekend to all the girls...and to Katie today! what a great tradition you've passed along!

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