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17 January 2013

Not Rio

Delayed flights and missed connection (by only :15... so frustrating).

One daily flight to Rio.

24 Hours in Houston.

The view from here.

Next up: 9 hours at the airport.

Untitled copy


Oh no! I'm so sorry, Vicki! Hope the flight goes directly to Rio and you'll be there today!

Oy oy oy! But why do you need to be at the airport for nine hours?!?

Anyway, in a few days you will forget all about the flight and have loads of fun in Rio I am sure!

Sorry you've been stuck in Houston. Hope you have plenty of knitting and good reading.

I hope you remembered your phone charger!

You have my sympathy. DH missed a connection in Miami for Buenos Aires by 30 minutes. We got him there only 20 hours late, and he got to see 3 South American countries to do it. It will be so worth it once you arrive.

Oh, no! Sorry to hear that.

OH NO!! hope you brought lots of knitting with you to work on. There must be a yarn shop nearby.....

Hope you brought your knitting...

Oh boy - good luck to you.

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