Snow day!
Merry Christmas


I've thought of my first grade teacher, Mrs. Kelly, so often this week and in so many ways.

I haven't once thought of her with a gun in our classroom, though; can't even imagine it.

I can't imagine that for my daughter, either; in fact, I'm thinking that could be a deal-breaker for Madeleine in the education department.

* * * * *

I cast on only one new "snow day" project, but did so three times! I made pretty good progress that last time, too, but wasn't completely happy. Sooooo, I'm making a change and let's hope that the fourth time's the charm!

The storm is all but cleaned up, the sun is shining, and the ice is melting! Maddy's on her way home (a day late) for winter break, and I'm finalizing my To-Do List.




I can't picture my 1st grade teacher with a gun either. And I don't even want to think about the implications of this for Hannah as she embarks on a career in teaching. Oy. Our sun is trying to come out now after pounding rain all day. Yippee!


The Hallelujah tribute is beautiful...teary and chokey here.


My first grade teacher was really young---I think we were her first class after she finished college. I was crazy about her---I remember running into her at Sears, and I couldn't believe she was shopping with her dad, too. Who knew teachers had dads? And went to Sears or the grocery store like the rest of us? I must have thought that teachers just lived at school 24/7 or something. (?) Anyway, I think she was as proud to introduce her dad to one of her students as I was to introduce my dad to my teacher.


Unimaginable...all of it. May every teacher and every student be safe forever more. Hallelujah has a way of evoking peace.
May you and your family have a wonderful Holiday together, Vicki!


My first grade teacher was a grandma. I cannot even BEGIN to picture her with a gun. (I don't think she ever even raised her voice.)


Oddly, because I think the idea is nutz, i can picture my first grade teacher with a gun. But she was pretty old, we thought maybe old enough to have seen Indians (as we knew them) in teepees in our area. But, we were kids, and that can't possibly be right. Just as guns in the classroom can't possibly be right either. (sigh)

Robin F.

NO GUNS IN SCHOOLS!! The thought of it gives me chills.


My mother was a first grade and a kindergarten teacher. I cannot imagine her with a gun, either, although I could see her marching up to the gunman and demanding that he put down that weapon immediately.

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