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04 December 2012

Ten on Tuesday: Humming along

Ten on Tuesday10 Favorite Holiday Albums

I'm pressed and distracted this week, but I love this topic -- I'm looking to fluff up my holiday music selection and look forward to getting around to all the participating blogs.

I'm being particular this year, loving a well done classic but so very tired of so very many of them -- the same old song or the same old rendition by the same old artist. I think I just need something new! That said, there's old and new mixed in here, and quite a few that are on my wish/contemplation list!

1. Snowed In - Hanson. I love it more and more each year, I think.

2. PTXmas - Pentatonix. I linked to a video the other day and downloaded all the songs shortly thereafter!

3. Home for Christmas - Hall & Oates. I chose this CD as my "free gift" with a recent supply catalog order and I have to say that I was happily surprised!

4. Merry Christmas - Johnny Mathis. This voice has always been a part of my life -- possibly this album, too! I actually have this vinyl.

5. The Bells of Dublin - The Chieftains. I'm not even sure how this CD came to be at my house, but it's been a favorite -- and I think my kids will feel about The Chieftains and this CD the way I do about Johnny Mathis and Merry Christmas.

6. Christmas - Michael Buble. Soon to be mine.

7. Merry Christmas, Baby - Rod Stewart. Also soon to be mine.

8. A Charlie Brown Christmas - Vince Guaraldi Trio. Never, ever, ever tire of this.

9. My Christmas - Katherine Jenkins. On my wish list.

10. Under The Mistletoe - Justin Bieber. We shall end as we begin!



I a Charlie Brown fan, too!

I bought quite a few new ones today, including the Rod Stewart album.

Oh man....I love these music lists! I just may have to add a boy artist to my Christmas collection!

I can't get enough of a Charlie Brown. I have to watch the cartoon every single Christmas, too.

I think I need to look into Rod Stewart's album though...

johnny mathis... love him! we saw him (with my mom & dad) in concert here a few years back and he was terrific. cool you have the vinyl!

Charlie Brown, a soundtrack from my childhood and still loved. I also loved that Pentatonix video and need to look more closely at them. Thanks for pointing me that way!

I love the new Rod Stewart cd/album/download (what DO you call these things now???). And I agree -- Johnny Mathis is wonderful!

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