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Snow day!

They've been warning of a big snowstorm for days... like, riiiight... I've fallen for that one before! But this time, it seems pretty legit. The governor declared a state of emergency before I even saw a flake, and almost every school in the area had already called off classes last night.

We were supposed to go pick up Madeleine from school this afternoon, but she's going to have to stay put for another day. I did venture to work this morning, but only stayed for a couple of hours. It's no fun driving. The snow is wet and SO heavy. I tried to shovel a bit and, well, that's just not going to happen. That heavy wet stuff isn't so great on power lines, either.

So, I'm going to pour a cup of tea, maybe watch a movie, and cast on a new project... or two.

It's a SNOW DAY!!




Ooooh, nice! Enjoy!


The storm we had a few days ago ended up not amounting to much of anything. That wet heavy stuff is not nearly as fun as the powdery good stuff we had in the good ol' days. Enjoy your snow day!

Laura from beautiful West Michigan

Yes, enjoy your day! Ours in mid-West Michigan flopped. Not a flake on the grass, not any frost on the car windows, just rain, rain, rain! And I work in a school so we even wore our pajamas inside out and flushed ice cubes down the toilet! Drat!


Stay warm and cozy!


My kids had a snow day. I had to work. Grumble, grumble...


We got <1/4" of snow here. But the wind! and the cold! I'm staying put today -- good day to finish those Christmas present mittens and maybe whip up a teensy item or three. Andrew is supposedly driving home from Ann Arbor. I hope he had the sense to delay.


Wow! I wonder if that storm will make it to New England. I hope you are safe driving to get Madeleine today.


Just what I moved here for and it never arrives... very jealous!

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