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05 December 2012

My work here...

...is apparently done. My daughter is not only a new member of Ravelry (now with project pages and notes!) (though not yet photos), she is also posting about knitting on her Facebook wall, and sharing knitting humor on mine!



Excellent. Most excellent.

Nice! Scratch her off the list and on to the next conversion....

Well done.

The knitting needle does not fall far from the ball of yarn.

Or something.

I think I'll send you my girls, see if you have any better luck than I've had.

Whoa! That's fabulous. :D

Totally cool. Totally fun. You do good work!

Congratulations! You made a knitter.

Why do I feel like you should have ended this post with a MWA HA HA? Welcome to the world of knitting, Katie! It's a good place to be.

Job well done Mom! In yiddish the word is Kvell- proud til your buttons pop!

Well. There you go. Next thing you know you will swear you had #4the DPNs in your knitting bag.

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