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21 November 2012

O Tannenbaum

A traditional Christmas tree is not easy to come by in Rio de Janeiro. The "town tree," as my sister calls it, is a gigantic tree covered in millions of lightbulbs floating in a lagoon. This year's tree hasn't been lit yet -- luckily, my mom and her husband will see it when they visit during Christmas week, but the lights will be out by the time I go in mid-January. Here's a video from The Telegraph of last year's lighting:

There's still a need for a tree at home and, luckily, due to the magical worldwide bulletin board that is Pinterest, I was able to share an idea with Annie that she is now making her own:

I'm pretty sure that's a present for my mom under the tree! We are all to send drawings or photos of our favorite ornaments that they can add to their tree in Rio. So fun, and a great way to connect with our far-away family this season.

Also, what in the world did we ever do without Skype, Facetime, Facebook, Pinterest, email, and the whole entire Internet?



Your family is very creative and the tree is a delight! It may not be a traditional Christmas for the boys, but it's one they will never forget.

That's a fantastic idea! Pinterest has really changed our ability to find crafty type ideas, that's for sure.

What a great idea for a tree!

That tree is wonderful! Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

What a wonderful idea! And fun for the boys. Happy Turkey Day!

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