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04 October 2012

The knitting and the end

Web-2012-09-20 11.49.12
There was a fair amount of knitting done during our vacation, but not a single stitch in the car! I completed the body of Low Tide, having made some modifications with short rows and shaping to the body -- not completely sure yet how that's all going to work out, but preliminaries are promising.

image from www.flickr.com
Another mod I've made is to the bottom -- I'll be doing a sewn hem for the first time.

image from www.flickr.com
I also worked quite a lot on Different Lines. It's finished now, in fact, but I'll just share a teaser here and save the bulk of it for a separate post.

image from www.flickr.com
It's so lightweight, soft, and lovely!

On Thursday, we drove down to Lutsen and took Mountain Tram ride to the top of Moose Mountain.

Web-2012-09-20 14.55.18
Web-2012-09-20 14.55.18
It was a pretty cool ride! The leaves were beautiful and the view was spectacular.

Web-2012-09-20 14.46.22
Web-2012-09-20 14.46.22
Knitting- and yarn-related stops were relatively few on our trip. I had projects to keep me busy and have recently been feeling the weight of stash. Besides the stop in Bayfield, the only other stops were at Fabric Works in Superior, where I came away with a hank of Malabrigo Sock (what else is new?); at That Little Red House in Grand Marais, where I found a ball of Hundertwasser (what else is new?); and, on the way home, we stopped at Yellow Dog Knitting in Eau Claire to chat for a while with Dixie!

Web-2012-09-20 16.11.16
Web-2012-09-20 16.11.16
We drove north a little ways on Thursday afternoon to do some more exploring. We never made it as far as Canada, though.

Web-2012-09-20 16.11.16
Web-2012-09-20 16.11.16
That Little Red House has limited hours, and I'm so happy that we jived. The porch was full of knitters when I arrived, though the weather cooled some and they all moved inside while I was there. Very friendly and worth the stop if it's ever a possibility.

Both my Portico shawl and Fib saw regular action during our trip, particularly in the cooler late day/evening hours!

Web-2012-09-21 10.48.03
Web-2012-09-21 10.48.03
Web-2012-09-21 10.48.03
On Friday, we visited one more local gallery, a museum, and then walked out to Artists' Point. Naturally, I had to take a photo of The Artist at Artists' Point! He'd been out there a day or two earlier and actually did a little painting.

We drove down to Solon Springs and stopped to visit with my Uncle Bob, whom I haven't seen in a number of years (we do correspond some by email). I went my senior year of high school and actually graduated there, but hadn't visited in 30+ years! Things have changed... though I recognized much more of Solon than I did of Superior, where I lived and worked for a year after graduation!

Then we made our way to my sister's and FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS! I was so happy to watch my nephew play football. They shut out/trounced the competition and, as is tradition after a win, the whole team then gathered on the field to sing the school song, followed by a hand-slap line with fans gathered on the sideline -- team flag waving high and proud. It was one of my favorite things!

We are in agreement that this North Shore vacation shall not be our last.



So many good things in this post - the photo of Rusty, that gorgeous photo of Different Lines, plus the image of the Friday night football victory! It all sounds awesome.

Your photos bring the vacation feeling to life! Your sky photos are always the very best. The whole of your vacation sounds relaxing, rewarding, and fulfilling! I'm looking forward to the knitting reveal.

I am still pondering how you could go on a driving vacation and never knit a stitch in the car. Really love the photo of your knitting on the table with the lake in the background -- now THAT is a vacation photo. And your Tidepool may have inspired me -- I have just about the exact yardage of a wool-hemp sportweight that I love but don't know what to do with b/c there is not enough for a full sweater.

So pretty!

What a wonderful vacation. Love the knits. I hadn't realized the Mystery Shawl has a name. I should update.

I just found your blog today from a link on 'Zeneedle's' blog, and I recognized all the places you were talking about because I'm from Thunder Bay and we drive the north shore to Duluth several times a year. It was such a surprise since knit blogs rarely mention places or events I'm familiar with. I'll be looking for Fabric Works in Superior next time I'm there. The circle tour of Lake Superior is really beautiful. Check out Fort William Historical Park when you come to Thunder Bay.

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