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19 October 2012

Ali's getting married!

I've been accused on occasion of burying the lead, so there... I said it!

After a bit of a whirlwind romance with a guy she's technically known for.ever, he played his guitars at the coffee shop one night last week, closed by singing a song he'd written for her, and then popped the question!

It wasn't a complete surprise to me -- Ali told me that they were planning to get married (this just made it official) and I gave her/them my grandmother's ring -- but it's still somewhat... I don't  know... everything.

I've never seen her happier.

Save the date: June 15th.



Best wishes to Ali!! And Congratulations to a (smart) young man who will so be your SON IN LAW!! Now the fun begins!

What wonderful and exciting news! Best wishes to Ali!

Oh goody! Best wishes to all. My Becca is getting married October 5. It seems to be wedding time. :)

Congratulations to Ali!!!!

Time to start knitting that wedding dress! (Just kidding. I was channeling Vicar of Dibley)
Congratulations to Ali!

Congratulations, Ali!

That's fantastic! Congratulations! And we need a picture :-)

Best wishes!

Oh, Vicki....that is the best news ever! Congratulations to your family! Son-in-laws are the best!

congratulations to Ali and her man, and too you as well!

Congrats to the happy couple!! :)

Wonderful news! And how romantic!


Congrats! sounds like a bigger story lurks behind the scenes. :-)

Congrats. Best wishes to Ali and her special fellow. With the blood sugar. I wouldn't worry to much as long as you are able to continue losing weight and exercises. Though it's important to listen to your Doctor.

So perfectly wonderful and romantic and lovely.

What lovely news! Congratulations to you all. You've got some great fun ahead of you!

Great news, mazal tov to all! :)

This is wonderful news. So much hope and promise! Don't worry, your dress will show up when you least expect it and right on time. Congratulations to Ali and her lucky young man. Congrats to you and your husband. You raised a beautiful and intelligent young woman. Her fiancee is a lucky young man.

Greetings from Tokyo! Congratulations on you good news. Wishing you all good things and fun wedding planning.

Oh my what wonderful news. I've been behind in reading due to moving. Congrats to you and your family. Planning a wedding can be sressful but keep calm.

Best wishes to everyone involved! June can be a fickle month, weatherwise. You can knit her a lovely lacy shawl, and she could end up needing your St. Brigid. Go for the shawl, though :-)

So exciting! I bet you'll be the best mother-in-law EVER.

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