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Ten on Tuesday: See you in September


This morning, I thought of the greatest title for this post that I wasn't ready to sit down and write. I wondered to myself whether I should jot it down and, of course, thought "No! It's so great, you won't forget!"


I forgot.

It's time to count up the hexagons for a total! I was even inspired to make a hexi in honor of my Color Affection... puny and pitiful though it is. Obviously, I need to loosen up a bit!!

So, here's where it stands as of August 31st:

There was one person to correctly guess the number! Twin Set Ellen, come on down! Your guess of 124 was right on the money.

The randomly drawn number from all eligible entries is 4, and I've sent an email to Melissa.

Thank you all for playing!

* * * * *

Miss Maddy Mo went back to school yesterday... things are going to be a little quieter around here. Not that she's noisy, but it's one fewer person's day-to-day comings and goings.


* * * * *

I had a great Labor Day Weekend of heartfelt and happy laboring, and am very thankful for the holiday.

It'll be a short week ahead, as I have Friday off, too, and will be heading to Jefferson and the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival. I'll be there for the whole weekend, lending a hand to Dixie in her booth for Yellow Dog Knitting in Eau Claire. We'll be in the West Country Store, so come and see us (I don't know the exact booth number yet)! I love Dixie's style, and know her booth is going to be amazing -- samples galore! When I saw Different Lines in her booth last year, I knew I had to knit it! This year, in addition to DROPS, she will also have some Make.Do yarns available!

Who's going?




Oh sounds so fun, Vicki! Wish I could swing a quick trip up your way. Maybe next year. . .


Yay! for short weeks! I have one too, but I'm headed to Fiber College in Searsport (the coast), Maine for the day. I'm going to be the human model for Gale's photography class that afternoon, photos on safari!

Robin F.

Oh - nothing like a fiber fest to make for a great weekend! Have fun!


Puny and pitiful needs love, too! Your life is ever full and always changing. You'll be a hit at the WF!


Sounds like you're going to have a great time. I still think of Dixie when I put on my knitter's thumb ring!


Say hi to Dixie for me! And also Twin Set Ellen -- I got her a good citizen award from WCCO-TV a couple years ago when she did the Warm Heads, Not Hot Heads project.

It's a small world amongst us knitbloggers ;-)


Just got of the WSWF website and sighed as I don't think there is time for the trip this year. Have fun!


And, of course, many thanks for running the contest! I am very tickled to have nailed it, though can not claim any real skill in the guessing.


I wish I were going. Family reunion on Sunday in Oshkosh means chores on Saturday. I am a bit bummed. I hope you're having oodles of fun and sell lots of make.do.

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