It's almost finished!

Warm Hands

As I searched through the stash for something the other day one of the things (not THE thing) briefly acknowledged as it quickly passed in and out of my hands was a bag holding chosen yarn and a pattern for mittens.

I thought I bought it during one of my visiting days at Knitting Camp in the past few years, but I may also have purchased it in Door County, or even in Jefferson. Who knows? The receipt was in the bag, but was not dated.

They are Esme's Mittens by Sandy De Master (impossible to find online). The pattern specs the mostly mohair yarn which comes from Wisconsin's Goat Hill Farm (some of it is blended with wool, or with wool and alpaca).

Soft and fuzzy... oh, so fuzzy!

These mittens have been in the back of my mind ever since that day.

The warm months of summer are perfect for knitting small things, such as mittens, that you'll really appreciate come December. My friend Sandy knows this and that's why, once upon a time, she started the Warm Hands Knit-Along. The desire for warm hands has struck Sandy once again, and there are now Warm Hands group pages on both Facebook and Ravelry, if you are so inclined to join!

What's one more project on the needles? It's one more project on the needles! Well, sort of; I started last night while watching Tivo'd women's team gymnastics for the second time (with Ali), but colorwork always being a challenge for me, I'll be starting again this evening. I'll also change up the color order. Blue will be the background color, with the "waves" in lighter neutral (there's a twinge of green), red, and darker neutral (in that order, I think) -- the two neutrals are beautiful together, but they blend.

Anyway, I love the excitement about the mural and I can't wait to show you when it's finished. Rusty signed off on his part yesterday, but we're welcoming a week of on-and-off showers and thunderstorms and that limits other painters' progress. Don't worry, you will definitely be among the first to know!




Oh I love those colours, Vicki! And the halo...just beautiful. Can't wait to see the mittens!


I don't think I can bring myself to knit mittens just yet. Maybe in September!


those are beautiful...I wish I didn't dislike colorwork so much! (I have a quickie pair of mittens in my "near" future... because I've never made a pair for myself and I know it will dip below 80 degrees at some point for my morning walks with holly!)


The mittens don't need to be colorwork, right? In fact they don't really need to be mittens, just something for the hands. I'm going to find mittens to knit at some point of the KAL. LOVE your colors!


Oh, mittens. How I love you.


If you were to say you'd be making mittens iwth red, white, and blue yarn, I might think ick, but this is all really lovely!

And I'm impressed that you are blogging regularly, while the rest of us aren't....

Robin F.

That yarn looks so yummy and the colors are so rich and have such depth- I want to reach into the monitor and fondle them. They will make great mittens.

Cheryl S.

I couldn't really think about mittens right now, but I'd have been tempted if I had that pretty kit. I'm sure they'll be gorgeous.


Those are going to be most beautiful.
And the mural is going to be spectacular. Such a beautiful community project!


I need to do that. I've got colorwork mitts and mittens in process and haven't been touched in months. And at least 2 more pairs of mitts I want to make for holiday gifts...but I'm such an ADHD knitter these days!
The colors in those mittens are gorgeous!

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