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School days

I didn't think I'd be doing a "back to school" post this year.


Vicki (back row, middle) with her first grade class and beloved teacher, Mrs. Kelly, at Wayne Thomas School in Highland Park, Illinois - 1964-65.

Katie's deferred her acceptance to The University of Glasgow until next year (and will likely be applying to some other UK universities in the meantime... why not?), so will continue working for the next year, and diligently saving.

Just what it says.

Ali's busy running a small business -- which, by the way, is good for everyone's health around here! She has employees returning to school, so has just hired two new people -- one of them, a young man in high school, I believe (I met him ever-so-briefly yesterday), is a knitter! Yay!!

Class of '76.

Maddy just wasn't sure this year. Well, truthfully, she was on a bit of a rollercoaster -- it's been quite a year. She'd taken steps toward returning, but I thought she'd decided not to go when, sometime last week, I got a frazzled call. I talked her down, and we (sort of) calmly discussed the pros and cons -- good reasons for putting off school vs. really? because of that? reasons -- enlarging the frame and looking at the big picture and, well...

Boys in Brazil, on the way to school, August 8th (Addy's 5th birthday).'s back to school! The next two weeks will find us all in transition mode once again!

* * * * *

There's also still two (busy) weeks of knitting... have you made your guess?

Have a great weekend, everyone.




The boys! How are they adjusting to Brazil and is it school season for them, too?
Decisions made, the girls all moving forward, mom in running mode. If I met your younger self I'd know in a heartbeat it was you.


Dale has no choice since school is his job, lol. Hannah has orientation on the 29th and she starts classes the following week. I think it will be weird for her to be a commuter but I guess we will all adjust.


Public schools started here this week and for the 3rd year, I don't have anyone going. Sara starts classes Monday (but since she lives in her own apartment, even that doesn't seem real). Guess this is another life transition! LOVE the photos...makes me want to get out my albums and check out back-to-school. my mom was diligent about taking photos every year. I didn't do a very good job with my girls.


Eeps, for the first time in a long time no one is starting school here. My littlest, now finished high school is waiting a year, job pending and my son isn't starting his seond year of college until winter. Kinda weird for me. The year always starts in September no matter what!
I always took first day back to school photos too. Ah, an era over.


hooray for school! in a week i head back for my 37th year of school. love it so much that i never left. happy new year!


Elder Son starts fall semester @ UMich tomorrow., but that's the only back-to-school event here. I will be back-to-work for six week or so right after Labor Day. Wah! I like what I do but I like doing nothing/knitting more ;-)


Forgot to say thanks for the link to the local business site -- I downloaded their app for our travels.

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