Green: Day 1

Green: Day 2

While August weather can be brutal -- Dog Days of Summer and Hot August Nights -- the oppressive heat and humidity have taken a break for now. Saturday morning dawned delightful in terms of market day and I was thinking that perhaps I could finally set the kettle on the stove and do some dyeing! Alas, it was considerably warmer by the time the market was over.

Sunday, however, was one of the most perfect days of the year! It's been a while since any dyeing's been done, and I had green on my mind.

Playing around and easing in, I dyed four different hanks of yarn that I currently have, each slightly different in color. Above, on the left, is the springy-sproingiest sport-weight superwash merino that I call REALIZE.

It's the yarn I used for all three Aviatrix hats, and I just love it!

On the right is a baby alpaca, silk and cashmere blend that I call INVOKE -- sooooo soft and drapey.

I took these photos after we returned on Monday, right after I harvested my first-ever home-grown summer squash! I can't believe I've never grown squash before, especially considering how much we like it; I planted two summer squash plus a zucchini, though I think only the one plant will actually produce anything. As already (exhaustively) established, it's been a brutal summer, but also... would deer eat squash blossoms or any other part of the plant? We spotted and exclaimed over a doe in the back yard the other day, and I later realized that she was just inches away from one of the more skimpy of these plants.

Not to be outdone, and also claiming a spot in the yarny limelight, yesterday I harvested my first non-cherry tomatoes of the season! The cherry tomato plant has been producing for a while, but the harvest never even makes it into the house -- I pluck one or two ripe tomatoes every few days and pop 'em right into my mouth!

These please me to no end, and were delicious on our Taco Tuesday table last night. I lost the marker for the yellow variety; the other two are Black Prince heirloom and I love them so much! There should be more soon, with the Black Prince being more prolific than the other.

The yarn on the left (pictured here with recent stash enhancement) is DREAM, a fingering-weight merino, cashmere and nylon blend that both Rachel and Margene have used for Color Affection.

The other yarn (also under consideration with stash) is BE, a sturdy but very soft fingering-weight merino/nylon sock yarn. I used it for my Color Affection; Rachel used it for another; and my friend Kate used it for THREE (photos coming soon)!

Yummy in my tummy!

* * * * *

I must take a moment to say Happy Birthday to Addy! It's hard to believe it's been five years since I first smooched those cheeks. I hope he has a terrific day today, eats a BIG piece of cake, and takes his scooter for a ride. XOX

Communication with the Brazilian contingent is still quite spotty, as getting them set up with internet (and furniture -- still!) doesn't seem to be a big priority to whoever is supposed to be doing the work. I'm sure the beach is more inviting... no doubt.  ;)




You've showcased your beautiful yarns well by dyeing them all in shades of green. The yarn names are inspired, too!


Those are some beautiful green yarns! And the veggies look scrumptious. I think the best thing about growing cherry tomatoes is eating them right off the vine!


This kid is so cute in any age and any photo you post of him!

Beautiful Greens, I especially like Realize!


mmm...i want to smooch your green yarns!


Love the green!Especially this time of year when the greens around start to look dry and worn out. Can't wait to get my hands on some of your yarn!


Lovely greens. Quite the appropriate colour too, since everything that OUGHT to be green is more of a yellow, washed out wheat colour lately!

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