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Bon appetit!

"This is the way to live!"

"Freshness is essential; that makes all the difference."

"Bring on the roasted potatoes!"

I've never kept it secret that I love Julia Child! Today would have been her 100th birthday, and PBS did this terrific mash-up in celebration.

I've been making some small changes, already, in preparing for a big shift in my diet, and the thing that resonates with me more than anything from these words of Julia's is the part about freshness. If it's fresh, it's most likely real and less processed -- that's one of the things I'm striving for most. Real food.

Happy Birthday, Julia!!




Yay! Happy eating! I love eating spinach, kale, green beans, green zucchini, green, green, green. Green food just feels healthy, tasty and fresh. Throw in a tomato or two and your set. Of course, Julia would like a little butter and egg, no? Bon appetit, friend!


Love the Julia Child mashup! Hope you'll give details about your new eating plan. I need some inspiration. :)


I could have listed The French Chef as one of my favorite childhood shows yesterday - my mom and I always watched together. She was amazing and I learned so much from her. I was thrilled when we went to the Smithsonian and I got to visit her Cambridge kitchen.


we caved and got take out tonight,,,but from a local bbq joint


here's to fresh food...and fresh thinking! julia was way ahead of her time and I'm glad I got to enjoy even a bit of her joie to vivre!

robin f.

Love Julia child. Love eating fresh. We get a market bag every week with local fresh produce. Meals are more colorful now. Bon appetite

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