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11 August 2012


This is 105 knitted hexagons:

I meant to have a little give-away at 100.

I also took a different photo at 105 and meant to post right away, but since then...




And I wasn't even trying very hard. After fooling around with a couple of other projects for a few days, and even knitting a four-color corrugated rib mitten cuff, I settled on hexis for knitting during the Olympics. They're fairly mindless, and easily put down when there's a compelling performance to watch or an exciting event final demanding my attention.

The black yarn is leftover from the border of my Parcheesi. I still remember buying it at Spin in Sturgeon Bay, and how perfectly it finished that blanket. I love scrappy projects for the memories!

Anyway, I still want to have a give-away, but let's do it this way...

How many hexagons do you think there'll be by the end of the month?

It may or may not help to know that I started in early January; the photo above was taken and posted on May 23rd when there are 72 finished hexagons. As of right now (Saturday, August 11, 5:30 PM CST), there are 107 finished hexagons.

There'll be at least 108 by the end of the day, likely 109 or even 110. They are all that I'm knitting at the moment. As we all know, that can change at any time (hey, look, there's a new issue of Twist Collective!). But for now, hexis are it and we are exclusive.

  • Leave a comment on this post for your best guess as to how many finished hexagons there will be at the end of the day on Friday, August 31st (CST), at which time the contest will close.
  • The winner will have the closest guess; in the event of a tie, we'll leave it to random.org to decide.
  • There will be a second winner randomly drawn from all entries.
  • A lovely prize package will likely include some Make.Do hand-dyed yarn!

Time to catch up... and knit some hexagons! Good luck!!




I'm going with your finding something else to love as well as you hexies. So I'll take 145.

Though, I hope that you make better progress than I'm guessing




139. I was gonna say 666 but that would have put too much pressure on you ;-)

150, but what do I know. I started mine, stopped at 3.

No rhyme or reason to my guess but I am guessing 157. I am hoping it is right. I'd love some of your hand dyed yarn!

154. I WISH I had that much leftover sock yarn! Have to knit more fingering weight projects obviously.

160 ... seems like a nice round number. and might even allow a little extra time for something new!

They are looking great! I think you'll have 132 by the end of the month. Whatever the number, you are the real winner here!

132 at a leisurely pace!


134 - there are too many great patterns in twist collective!


142 - the olympics are almost over - that looks like a lot of stitching to put them together...(not my favourite part!) - can't wait to see what they will be...j



This is such a fun project. Do you want any yarn contributions? I'm going to guess 225 in the off chance you just can't stop the hexing.


There are some darned nice patterns in that new Twist Collective issue!


174, is my wild guess :)

I think 164.

Well. . . the Olympics are over. . . so maybe less tv time? I'm going with 134!

I'm guessing 175!

I'm in for 225!

I'm thinking 251. I don't know why, Happy knitting. ;)

I will guess 191 just because I can.

I am on hexagons trip too. I knitted 39 since I started working on it again sometimes in July but have only 37 as I had to rip off two due to wrong joining of parts - ouch...

I greatly recommend starting to hide the ends unless you are going to use them for the sewing.



Wow, I am guessing 110.

130 because... Life... :)

123. I'm sure you could do many more if you were going exclusive but, since you aren't, and since there are so many new temptations, I am low balling it. :)


I figure you will top it at 189..! it will be a fabulous piece no matter how many you do!!


Can you tell me where you found the pattern for the hexagons?

I think there will be 131!

Jumped over here from Margene! I'll say 132. Thanks for the contest!

145 no reason just a feeling

Oh my... I'm dizzy just thinking of that many hexagons. They look addicting. Good luck!

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