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Wow, what a day. And hot.

I was up early this morning and met Ali to set up at the market.

I brought only sock yarn and a few hanks of lace weight this week, and Color Affection as a sample. It is so interesting to see the knitters emerge in my little community! And, I have to tell you, I am simply amazed at the number of people who fondle and admire yarn but do not knit or crochet or have any interest in doing it! They are either drawn in by the color, or they are remembering... that their mother used to knit. Or their grandmother. Or their sister who lives far away. Or a favorite aunt. It is pretty cool. The power of wool.

I was knitting on my TTL Mystery Shawl at the market... I'm comfortable enough, at least with the section that I'm working, to do that even while putting it down to pour a lemonade or tea, or make a latte. At one point, I looked up... and looked again... then jumped up and said something like, "Oh my god, KIM!!"

This is Kim, ever'body! We graduated from high school, together with 30+ classmates, *several* years ago, and found each other on Facebook about a year ago. She still lives in the Duluth-Superior area (about 5-6 hours away) and is among the last people I'd expect to see walk by at our little farmer market! Turns out, she and her husband were in Green Bay with their grandson; she saw a post I'd written on FB last night about being at the market, did a little looking at a map, and found out how close she was! Too close to miss. And, oh, that was FUN!!

After putzing, cleaning, unsuccessfully napping, grocery shopping, and doing some laundry this afternoon, we made dinner for Maddy and her friends, including The Internationals, this evening! And we did pretty good... for the record, the pickiest amongst them was not the vegetarian. Katie and I want to cook for them again, but tonight Rusty and I grilled both beef, turkey, and veggie burgers; I roasted asparagus, had vegetarian baked beans, potato salad, chips with salsa and guacamole, and lots of fresh fruit. Also some beer and wine and other refreshments.

And now I am EXHAUSTED... and quite happy with the day!




That sounds like a great day!

Cheryl S.

What a happy surprise!

Robin F.

OK I want to come over for dinner- yummy menu.

Glad to hear the internationals had a good time. How fun to see a friend of longstanding. Notice I didn't say old. Whose yarn are you selling in the booth? The colors look so yummy.


It's so cool when a friend will come from a distance to see another friend. Love that kind of story. Love the power of wool, too. Oh, and the power of food! Good food!


Lovely surprise! The yarn looks great too ;)


How could anyone resist all the lovely colors? What a pleasant surprise to see your high school friend!

Dinner sounds delicious. Mmmm.

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