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It was one of the best! I drove up with Annie on Friday night, the girls alternately leading/following in my car, and found our accommodations without any trouble at all. The Village View Inn is cute and comfy, and we couldn't have been happier with the location or our hosts.

We had our customary pre-ride breakfast on Saturday morning at Al Johnson's Swedish Restaurant and, because we stayed right in Sister Bay this year, we were able to walk.

Web2012-06-16 08.54.21
My only photo before/during the cycling event happens to be before: Alison ready to go, and Oswald strapped in for the ride! That's my bike, to her left, with saddlebag mounted on the back and with a slightly more comfy (padded) seat than the original manufacturer part.

The weather was pretty good -- sort of warm and a little more humid than I'd like, but mostly cloudy and with a nice breeze. I just love how well organized this event is, and we finished our 25-mile ride (same as last year's with a very slight but welcome deviation) in about 2.5 hours.

There was a welcome and very nice pasta lunch waiting upon our return. And Frostop root beer on tap. Yum. Folks were arriving for early beer festival seminars and VIP events as we returned to our lodging for showers and then to meet up with Mom & Joe before returning.

This was the first -- and also my first -- Door County Beer Festival -- I wasn't sure what to expect. There were 40+ breweries -- big, small, local, not-so-local -- with many, many beers, as well as some of the best local food, including personal favorites The Wild Tomato and The Cookery.

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I don't know... what do you think? Does it look like we were having a good time?? {The younger guy is a) just a random beer-loving guy and b) friend of the band.}

Web2012-06-16 16.49.20
That's Tumbling Bones -- super fun and there was dancing!

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When we went for dinner, we drove through Ephraim where the annual Fyr Bal Festival was underway.

Web2012-06-16 20.19.53
It was a bit breezy and chilly, but a beautiful evening nonetheless.

Web2012-06-16 20.50.26
Web2012-06-16 20.50.26
Very fun! These official bonfires were lit all around the bay -- so pretty. I believe there was some unofficial participation, as well -- there was one, in particular, that was VERY large and accompanied by fireworks. We were walking back to the car as the real fireworks show was just beginning (we were so tired by then!).

On Sunday morning, we met at (and to) Drink Coffee for breakfast. Annie left for home shortly thereafter, and Mom & Joe went off to visit some antique shops. The girls and I headed north to a used book shop, which didn't open 'til noon, so then further north just because... and we ended up at the Door Bluff Headlands County Park.

Web2012-06-17 11.12.20
It was another beautiful day!

Web2012-06-17 11.12.32
None of us were really dressed for a hike, but we made our way down the "path" to the water and I'm glad we did.

This last photo just cracks me up. I think Kate knew that I was taking photos, but I doubt Ali did... and don't you wonder just what the hell both of them are looking at?? What's going on? It's like a wonderfully set-up shot, except that it wasn't.  ;)

By the time we headed back south, the book shop was open and we stopped for a bit. When we reached Fish Creek it was time for lunch, and then pointed for home.

Our second-to-last stop was at Sweetie Pie's where we picked up a Father's Day cherry pie; our last stop was at our local Piggly Wiggly for the requisite vanilla ice cream!




You have a way of capturing perfect moments and beautiful scenery. Plus, you know how to fill a weekend to the brim!!


That sounds like the perfect weekend to me!
Thank you for sharing it with us in words and your beautiful photos!


What a perfectly lovely weekend! Your pictures and words make me feel like I was there, too! Thanks for a nice little vacation!


Sounds like a perfect weekend. I'm sure I missed this, but do you have a pattern for Oswald?


What a great weekend! Just enough family, a good bike ride, great weather, beer (beer!), good food, and lots of fun. And, as usual, great photos :-)


That looks fantastic and Margene is right - the photos captured it beautifully.


Such a nice weekend with the girls.!


Sounds like a really lovely weekend! Great photos, especially of the stacked rocks.

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