Day off doings: Inspired
Ten on Tuesday: Strawberry Fields Forever

Weekend doings: Busy

Farmers' Market! The season opener was Saturday and here we are -- well, there's my co-worker Abbey -- having arrived just a wee bit later than we'd have liked, but whipping thing into shape. She is pulling apart "puff balls" which we hung inside the tent with the red Japanese lanterns and it was all quite festive. It was very, very warm and, thankfully, also breezy, so we sold a lot of iced tea and lemonade!

I'm so happy with how our little local market has grown. Not too big, not too small, it's Just Right! Everyone is so friendly, and, welp, that's no surprise because we do live in "The Friendly City"!

My personal favorite part of the day, besides actually selling some yarn (some to a non-knitter, even, who fell in love with yarns/colors and purchased for her sister) was when a young girl (maybe 11) walked straight up to admire yarn. When I asked her if she knit, she proceeded to open her very stylish bag to show me that she had her yarn, needles and hooks right with her! I gave her my card. I'm looking forward to seeing her again!

I was so tired by the time we tore down and unloaded back at the coffee shop. I came home and typed a few words onto FB and then stared at the computer for 10 minutes trying to decide whether I should take a shower and then a nap, or a nap and then a shower. I'm not sure it was the right decision, but I figured that if I needed 10 minutes to contemplate such a question, then I pretty much needed a nap first.

Zzzzzzzzz. Shhhhhhhh!

I had some yarn soaking that I knew I wouldn't get to on Sunday and wouldn't wait for next opportunity on Wednesday, so I made some more lavender yarn, and also one that's more "lilac." (Photos, etc., soon.)

On Saturday night, I managed to knit through all of Clue #2 on Kirsten's TTL Mystery Shawl... and I'm so anxious for #3!

Today, we went to Mack's house to celebrate his 7th birthday! It's hard to believe he's gone from this:

( t i n y  t i g e r )  to this:

in seven short years -- toothless, to a varying degree, in both! (Bad auntie, I didn't take any photos and nabbed this from the party invitation.)

There was cake! And a good time was had by all.  ;)




You wore out the weekend! Good work!
I cannot believe Mac has grown before my photos, on your blog. What a wonderful world we live in!


Oh, little boys' eyes....I have two great nephews with striking with deepest blue, the other with dark grey. Hmm, a possible future yarn color.


That's a lot of fun crammed into one weekend! If Mack is seven then that means Ambrynn will be seven later this month. Whaaaa?


A big weekend! I love a small market. We are starting one in our town in a few weeks. I hope it does well.
I can't believe Mack is seven.

Robin F.

I love those toothless pix! Sounds like your weekend was fun and filled.

Steph VW

That sounds like a wonderful weekend! That little girl is a future customer I'm sure. :)


I love farmers' markets. One just never knows quite what one will find. I would be so happy to find you and your stand!

Linda Piotrowski

Did you sell your gorgeous yarn that was hanging to dry? I'd think that someone would have grabbed that right away. Your booth does look festive. The yarn looks yummy. Just curious, was anyone else there selling yarn?

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