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Knitting a mystery

Try, try again

I've done very few Knit-Alongs (KALs) in my years of "online" knitting. Audrey was the first -- and came so early in my blogging career that I didn't even know how to hyperlink!

I never finished that sweater*, but I've rarely learned so much from a single project! My first encounter with in-depth discussions of increases and decreases -- and that there were so many ways to do them -- came via that KAL. There were in-depth discussions about every aspect of that sweater and pattern and it was fascinating to be a part of it!

It's a safe bet to say I'd never have worn that sweater even if I'd finished. Ever. Adorable sweater, but completely wrong for my body shape and type. (The Vespa made me do it, I'm sure!) It was the throwing in of the towel by the venerable Bonne Marie Burns that "gave me permission" to admit the same and the confidence to frog it all.

It was so liberating! I've frogged a few projects since then, too. It certainly hurts, but it feels so good to reclaim good materials and try again!

St. Brigid was a success, as was Williamsro for the first Knitting Olympics**.

My first mystery KAL was a bit of a bust, but I'm ready to try again. And I'm starting today!

image from www.flickr.com
This is some Knit Picks Bare Lace Weight that I've had around for a while. I'd dyed it a while ago and it turned out a shade of magenta -- that seems to be my default color. I decided to overdye it to give it a richer red feel -- and, being red, it's next to impossible to photograph so the photo has been manipulated and the color is not true... but believe me that it's a nice deep red and I do love it.

Trying again. Katie will have to... She learned yesterday that she wasn't awarded the scholarship that was the make-or-break deal for school in Scotland this fall... this fall. There's always next fall...

Happy weekend! Trying anything?

*Nor have I finished Cromarty, the successor sweater.

**I'm pondering possibilities for the summer games.



The Vespa "almost" made me do it, but I couldn't decide on a color, couldn't make up my mind if it would look good on me, couldn't find the yarn...just too many couldn'ts and I finally gave up. Oh the early, early days of blogging...sigh.
We're going to try to make our first lemon martini!


I'm going to try planting a container garden full of herbs!


Good luck with the KAL, your yarn looks beautiful even in not its true color :)

We will all hold fingers to Katie next time around, maybe it will help!


I am so sad for Katie. Disappointments are so hard for her and everyone who loves her. I hope something brightens her days soon. Linda

Robin F.

Sorry Katie. Time to regroup and explore other options- maybe something wonderful?

So what KAL are you starting? I just joined WendyKnits Summer Shawl KAL. I don't usually finish KAL in a timely fashion. Too many projects going on but I love the comradiere of the shared experience.


So sorry for Katie! It just means a better opportunity is on the horizon, right?
I'm looking for a new pattern for a silk-blend slightly nubby pale green/white yarn and have come up with nothing so far.

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