The "Internationals" are coming!
Wow, what a day. And hot.

The state of things

It's possible that I'm knitting clown barf.

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But I'm using a Hundertwasser yarn and I have a soft spot for that... possibly a blind spot. Whatever. The pattern is Lokken by Megi Burcl from Knitscene Accessories 2012. Angie had one underway when she visited at Knit Night a few weeks ago and when I found myself in need of a simple carry-along project, I decided to cast on! It's one of those things... we'll just have to see.

Meanwhile, I've fallen a little bit behind on the TTL Mystery Shawl... which is a dumb thing to say because there really isn't a deadline. I haven't been looking at the spoilers, so it's still a mystery to me... and I'm back, all the clues are out, and so it shouldn't be long.

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These are quick snaps from the camera phone, but the color is pretty true!

Web-2012-06-23 07.50.45
It's farmers' market day again tomorrow!

Sunday is another "farewell" party at my sister's. I'm thinking of it more as Addy's early birthday party! (Hm. That means that there might be CAKE!) My other sibs will be there this time and that'll be nice.

Thanks for all the help with the veggie options for The Internationals. I don't know what I was thinking... standing out there in left field, panicking about what to feed a vegetarian while eating the last of the leftover black bean patties (with guacamole) that I'd made the other day...


Have a great weekend!




LOVE the color of you mystery and can't wait to see it unfurl into something wonderful. Enjoy your weekend of mucho fun!!!


the Lokken will be interesting in this yarn. good luck!

Cheryl S.

I think the yarn is working well for that pattern.


I don't think it looks like clown barf at all, I think the colors are really pretty. The color of your mystery shawl is gorgeous, too!


If that is clown barf, that was one very tasteful clown :-)


Your Lokken looks promising!
I am with you (or maybe worse) when it comes to the Hundertwasser yarn, which remind me I must go back to my huge blanket project with it...

Have a wonderful weekend too.

Robin F.

I really like how Lokken pattern looks and have it on my list- I'll be curious to see how yours turns out. Enjoy your weekend- finally raining here. We need it.


Not clown barf at all! Looks great!


This Lokken, new to me and very interesting and... not clown barf! Knit on.


While not a fan of clown barf usually, you've taken your eye for color and turned a 'meh' pattern into something intriguing. Awaiting further developments....


Your Lokken is looking very nice! I'll be picking mine up again today, now that I can trust my brain and fingers to work together. (Well, I think so!) Cake is always a good distractor. Stay cool.

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