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The "Internationals" are coming!

They're all Brits, but we like to call them The Internationals... so cosmopolitan of us. Or something.

Anyway. I'm still contemplating Big Things, but the LITTLE THINGS and all the Other Things  refuse to be ignored. You know how they can be.

One of the Things is that The Internationals are coming! Maddy is working as a camp counselor again this summer and there are some Brits working there, too. Camp will not be in session next week, as the 4th of July falls right smack in the middle of it, and Maddy has made it her mission to help them relax and enjoy their week off, and experience a little bit of everyday U.S.A. (our little corner of it, at least).

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And, yes, I think it's sort of hilarious that... The British Are Coming! And that they'll be here while we celebrate Independence Day!

Naturally, we have to have an all-American 4th of July cook-out... hamburgers, hot dogs, Wisconsin brats... with all the trimmings, including apple pie for dessert.

HELP! What's on the all-American VEGETARIAN menu??? I know there is at least one.

Thank you.  ;)




Grill roasted portobellos and assorted vegs. Cut, put in ziptop bag, add a bit of oil and bbq seasoning. Grill. Wonderful. Enjoy your week! We missed you....


3 bean salad!

Cheryl S.

Pasta salad? Deviled eggs? Veggie burgers?


Watermelon! Fruit salad with strawberries, blueberries, cantaloupe, honeydew, the aforementioned watermelon; dress it with a teaspoon of sugar and a few tablespoons of Triple Sec. Mmmm.


Vegetarian baked beans, grill some corn on the cob (that will likely be a new experience). Actually, you can grill a lot of veggies and they taste oh, so good. Have fun with your own personal little Revolution.


Corn and black bean salad, too.


Black bean burgers, of course!


There you go...a bunch of blog comment suggestions, all good! You're going to have a grand 4th of July!! How did it get to be the middle of the year!?


Potato salad, egg salad, angel food cake with berries - and make tofu dogs if you have to grill something. Maybe a Jell-o salad too, since you're in the midwest. Follow with a watermelon-seed spitting contest.

Robin F.

Corn on the cob, potato salad- black bean/corn salad. Gotta make a jello mold with fruit in it. Pea salad(one of my favs. Veggie burgers.

kelli ann

Yes for grilled veg. and potato salad with hard-boiled eggs. Lots of good veg. recipes on Orangette and Smitten Kitchen (also on 101 Cookbooks, a little less 'traditional' north american fare but simple and delicious). Yum! Have a wonderful, wonderful summer:::

(Not that) Joan

... I see you've got it covered. Are you going to introduce them to jello and marshmallow salad? Oh- that's not vegetarian!

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