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02 June 2012

Knitting a mystery

image from www.flickr.com
The color's still not quite right, but it's closer. It's Clue #1, all 15 rows, for Kirsten's Through The Loops Mystery Shawl 2012. I started when I got home last night and finished just after dinner. So far, so good!

It's pictured atop my Aviatrix hats; here are both, so far:

image from www.flickr.com
This is the smallest size and the largest size; a third (and final) is underway! I think it's pretty cool to get three of these spectacular hats out of one hank of yarn.

You should see my Ravelry project page right now -- that's a lot of red!!

I went on a great bike ride today with Katie and then went out and bought all my plants -- AND PLANTED THEM! That is practically unheard of around here. I usually let them sit for at least a day. Often a week. Even Rusty was surprised. Heh. New tricks.



I think it's best to buy plants and plant them at the same time - otherwise they sit there for days! Good for you for all you accomplished yesterday.

LOVE all the red!!

I hated when I would not get the plants in the ground right away- it usually led to an early death for the plants. No worries now-no planting.

Red is my favorite color, you know ;-)

ok i'm jealous about all your planting. i did get my herbs and veggies in but the flowers...not so much.

btw i'm not brave enough to do a mystery KAL. i keep thinking "maybe next time" but the thought of knitting something when i don't know what it is...is too much for me.

Quick question about the shawl? Did you do your provisional cast on in the same yarn? Or am I really confused about the pattern?

Congrats on the hats and the garden.

Lovely hats and start of shawl and all plants in place so quickly is perfect :)

You're in a place of positive action. I just might be sorry I didn't join the Mystery KAL, but I already have too many big projects on the needles. You little hats are so, so cute and fun...simply fun!

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