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It was a mighty fine weekend and it ended like this. A little late in the day to be hanging yarn outside to dry -- I'd already taken down the laundry and retracted the line -- I just had to hang it out for a little while. Then I took my knitting out to the pergola and enjoyed the bright, cheerful view.

Rusty was there when I pulled those two fiery hanks out of the pot. He couldn't get over it. "It GLOWS!"

That it does.  ;)




Gorgeous colors. What weight and what are you going to knit with it? Gonna be beautiful.


wow! what happy happy colors.


Oh Oh! I agree with Rusty 100%.

What yarn did you use for these and are the two skeins the same? I see the one in the middle as having a darker dark side and it looks so yummy I want to knit it NOW :)

My mind is searching for the appropriate pattern...


I love that shot!

Julie White

I need a like button!


For the shop?


You could get a sunburn from yarn that bright (and happy!).


Oh, yum!! That yarn is gorgeous! I'm glad you had a nice weekend for it - we've had days of rain here, though that certainly makes the beauty of the yarnscape even more stunning. It was just what I needed to see on a gray day.


Quite an eye for color there! Came out beautiful.

Robin F.

Fabulous eye candy!! makes me want to grab my needles and knit! Those colors make me smile! Well done!


what a pretty way to end the weekend! those colors scream summer!


Your yarn is gorgeous! I remember when you took the class in Scotland. Now look! By the way, I love your mini business cards from a few posts back. I wish I lived near your Farmer's Market so I could sample your wares.
You work is wonderful-yarn and knitting, photography, and on and on! Oh, I almost forgot your writing!
Thanks. You keep me inspired.


GORgeous! Absolutely gorgeous! :-)

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