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I voted

It's a big election day in Wisconsin and, just from random things I've seen throughout the day, voter turn-out seems pretty high. I haven't actually been closely following, so it'll be interesting to see how the numbers really compare to other recent elections... not to mention how it all turns out in the end!

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So, has anyone currently reading this blog been around long enough to remember KNIT LIKE A LATVIAN?

One of my "holy grails" of knitting has been -- and continues to be -- Latvian mittens. About five years ago, I was caught up in a) the excitement of trying to knit a pair, b) the newness of Ravelry, and c) the newness of GROUPS on Ravelry (which were populating at an incredible rate -- dozens every day, maybe even every hour for a while there) -- it was crazy and I got caught up in it.

Even though I've always said that "I'm not a forums girl" and creating a group on Ravelry is pretty much the opposite of that ("Let me be the LEADER of a forum!), I opened Microsoft Picture It and put some (not even Latvian) mittens on the hands of a clip art Egyptian, humming and riffing on The Bangles all the while, uploaded it, and started a group called Knit Like A Latvian.

It lives!! Not only that, it's grown to over 860 members while I, for the most part, have been an absentee mother. I love it so and it's flourished despite my neglect! Isn't that crazy? It just blows me away. There are and have been some knowledgeable and exceptionally talented people who knit and discuss and share their work there, and keep it all going. Some of the members have, literally, "written the book" on knitting from Latvia, Estonia, and the Baltic region. I am indebted to them and the dedicated members who contacted me about becoming moderators. (Thank you so very much!)

There have been some KALs organized by members, and new one has just been announced! The start of Knit Like A Latvian: Sock KAL 2012 is set for July 1st! And I'm actually considering it. Colorwork being my nemesis, I've found a pattern that is about half texture and half color -- considerably lowering the frustration factor. There will be random prizes for completion (by the end of August), for which I won't be eligible, of course, but for which Make.Do will be donating along with (so far) two other moderators, The Needle Gnome, and everyone's favorite Miss Babs!

I'm really trying NOT to get carried away and join in a bunch of stuff, but the timing for this is good.

I could take it to another level by also doing it for Knitting Olympics -- July 27th to August 12th.

Hm. I shall ponder that...

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Meanwhile, World Wide Knit in Public Day/Week kicks off this weekend, which just happens to coincide with the opening of our local farmers' market, and my manning of the KC&T/Make.Do tent where I'll be dispensing beverages and hawking wool. It's official (on the website and everything!), we (I, as much as possible) will be WWKiPing at the farmer's market on Saturday morning -- read all about it and join us if you can!

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Ten on Tuesday this week is 10 Favorite Work Out Songs, and I pretty much covered that here. I haven't been riding a stationary bike lately, though, and for safety reasons I don't listen to music when I'm actually biking on the road, so I have nothing new! I've linked to Carole's post, though, because it's a great topic!




That is quite a mass-up post! I'm pretty sure I finished my "Knit Life a Latvian" mittens (Bird in Hand?). Haven't heard much about WWKPD this year, thanks for the reminder! Knit on! :-)


OOOO! I have a Latvian mitten kit that Tom got me for Christmas. I'm excited -- but a bit intimidated! -- to start. Maybe you'll inspire me!


First all and most important: crossing my fingers for good results in your election!

Second: good luck with this KAL it sounds intriguing maybe I should read more about it. It is high time to knit something really different here!


I think I'm a member of that group! The first knitting book I bought, pre-ravelry, was Latvian knitting. Ohyeahright, I got right on that...

Just googling about the WI election... we're all waiting to see what the outcome is!


Of course I remember Knit like a latvian! I've done a couple of pairs of colorwork mittens but nothing too complicated yet. I do love the way they look, though. We should be seeing elections results soon, right?


I've hardly visited Ravelry recently...Knit like a Latvian was my favorite group! Funny, although I've let my knitting go the last few years in favor of quilting, I recently took out my Latvian mittens and have them right next to me in a basket as I feel that little tug to start knitting them again. I'll think about the new KAL...might be just the nudge I need!

kelli ann

I wish you a wonderful KIP weekend! And thx for the link to the Latvian knitting ideas, another Ravelry rabbit hole to fall into... ;-)

Robin F.

I'll be out KIP at youngs dairy in Yellow Springs OH. Last year we were at a mall- not as much fun.


hey I didn't know it was you behind Knit Like a Latvian! I'm of Latvian heritage and will actually be visting there this summer for the first time, which I hope motivates me to use my book of Latvian mitten patterns as well as yarn and pattern for the Giant Latvian Mitten Cardigan that I've not yet knitted.


Sorry about the election. :o(

I've had the Latvian mittens website bookmarked for probably six years - love them!

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