Shoulder to shoulder

Weekend update

Painting the house: It rained much of the week, so there's been no progress; however, the color situation has been decided. The colors will all remain the same -- siding : blue-green, trim : off-white, shingles & windows : maroon -- but the door will be a gold-ochre! We chose these colors for our house years ago and were quite pleased and surprised to have found that they're quite similar to colors she sported in the past, but there was also a gold in the mix and I'm delighted to add it back into the mix. I might paint a part of the front storm door gold, too.

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It wouldn't be Macro May without lilacs... but they're usually later in the month.

Fixing the sweater: One sleeve has been removed, the cap re-knit, and I've sewn it back in. It fits and looks MUCH better. I've still to do the second one.

There's so much happening around me right now -- people and changes in jobs, school, moving, relationships -- it's sometimes overwhelming. I've taken to picturing -- even feeling -- myself as being in a stream and letting it all wash over me, back and forth, going with the flow... but sometimes it's not like that at all. Sometimes I feel like I'm riding rapids and getting banged up against rocks.

This morning, I went on a 4-mile group walk to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation and it felt good to just walk, follow the pack, and not have to think about where I was going. I walked and talked with Kate (she mostly talked, I mostly listened), and we caught up about half-way with Mom, Annie and Mack.




I think the colors of your house are awesome. My lilacs are already starting to go by. Booooo.


I love your lilac pictures! The color of the summer house will be stunning! Try not to become the eddy that catches everything and has it flowing around and around and around until its trapped. Here's to a smooth sailing weekend.


I hate getting banged up against rocks. Hope that you aren't too bruised.

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